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DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 5/31/15- The Dandee Donut Factory- Pompano Beach)


***** DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 5/31/15).

One of Jeff Eats’ favorite menu items…

1-$1.29, 6-$6.99, Baker’s Dozen- $12.49

The Dandee Donut Factory
1900 East Atlantic Avenue
Pompano Beach
(954) 785-1461
Latest Review: 9/26/14

The Dandee Donut Factory in Pompano Beach has been around for something like 33 years…this 24 hours/7 days a week free standing hole in the wall joint- makes amazing-delicious donuts. In addition to donuts, Dandee also serves up dynamite breakfast/lunch/dinner stuff. To be perfectly honest with you, Jeff Eats has been going to Dandee for years-and literally -I can’t single out one particular donut as being my favorite. Just so you know, there is also a Dandee Donut in Hollywood- same owner-same baker.

Let me wrap this up for you, if you like donuts- THE DANDEE DONUT FACTORY (Pompano Beach or Hollywood- 102 North 28th Avenue Hollywood, Florida 33020- (954) 929-1118) is an absolute must try!

Oh, there is one other thing… Dandee Donut makes a pistachio muffin that is phenomenal…but that’s a story for another day!

14 Comments to “DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 5/31/15- The Dandee Donut Factory- Pompano Beach)”

  1. gary says...

    Right on the money with Dandee. Great donuts.

  2. Susie G says...

    Been going there for years.
    The donuts are amazing.
    They are a throw back in time. Old fashioned counter to eat at.

  3. CHARLES says...

    JEFF –
    Any FREE donut holes ? HA HA

  4. Diane G (Miami) says...

    Just had one of their pistachio muffins.

  5. Lou Smith says...

    Made a special trip to Dandee to get that pistachio muffin. I’ve had its donuts before. There were 3 left at 3pm and I bought then. Terrific muffin.

  6. Joey Carbone says...

    Big fan for years of their donuts.
    Based in your say so, had the pistachio muffin this morning and it was great. For good measure I also tried their corn muffin and it was also delicious. They also make delicious coffee. Once you go to Dandee you’ll think twice about walking into a Dunkin’ Donut store.

  7. Ed Cohen says...


    New to the site.
    Never heard of this joint before reading about it on Jeff Eats.
    Yesterday had a corn muffin and a pistachio muffin that were nothing short of mazing.
    Also had a Dandee Donut, holy cow, incredible
    Thanks for the call.

  8. J Gleason says...

    My husband and I loved the corn and pistachio muffins. They grilled both for us and with coffee they were both terrific.

  9. Leon Silver says...

    Their muffins are crazy good. Same for their donuts.
    One of Jeff Eats’ best recommendations.
    First time there today at 11am and there was a line out the door to get donuts etc.

  10. Hal G says...

    Went there yesterday. Got a dozen donuts but they were all out of pistachio muffins. Counter lady told me that all of a sudden this month the pistachio muffins became a huge crowd favorite. Jeff look what you started.

  11. Jeff,
    Picked up 2 of those pistachio muffins on my way to work this morning and they are delicious.
    Don’t see this kind of muffin to often.
    Thanks for turning me on to Dandee Donuts.


  13. Jeff, Stopped in Pompano store last night around 9pm. Have been looking forward to trying. They literally had no donuts or muffins. Very disappointed. Bought 1 corn muffin which was very good. Again, no selection to choose from. Big drive for nothing.

  14. Sheldon Samuels says...

    My wife and I are new to Florida. Just moved from Montclair, NJ to Pompano Beach. Heard about Dandee here and tried it today. All we can say is WOW!
    The pistachio muffin, glazed crueller and powdered cake donut we had were amazing. Thanks for a great find.

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