Lisa Lampanelli (Hard Rock Live- Hollywood)

* Lisa Lampanelli.

The folks who run the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood must think that “money grows on trees.”

At the bear minimum- the below “deal” is gonna run close- to 800 bucks.


Jeff Eats doesn’t have to break out a calculator to know- that this “deal” is a non-starter- but I will…2- 200 Level tickets run $120, add that to your $150 food credit and you got your hotel room costing you something like $530!

Who put this package together- P.T. Barnum?

Got your heart set on seeing Lisa?

Be smart…
1. buy your own tickets
2. eat in any old restaurant you’d like
3. let Uber drive you (it’s also ok-to drive yourself)
4. sleep in your own bed


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  1. gary says...

    You definitely tell it like it is.

    Lisa was at the Improv in Palm Beach about a month ago and tkts were 30 bucks.

    This ‘deal’ is a joke.

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