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Papalani Gelato (Delray Beach)

Posted on May 22nd, 2015 · American Breakfast Delray Beach Desserts Fast Food


***** Papalani Gelato, 16800 Jog Road, Delray Beach, Florida 33446, (561) 536-5866.

Way-back on 5/1/15 Jeff Eats told you guys about Papalani Gelato a Hawaiian themed-franchised gelato/hand-made chocolates/dessert/breakfast/coffee/fast food joint that- was set to open any day…

Long story short, Papalani Gelato opened and last night Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats checked the joint out.

First things first, Papalani Gelato is located in a Delray Beach strip-center that Jeff Eats in a million years wouldn’t pick to open a gelato store in…that said- not my dime, not my game…so I wish the owner(s) great luck and success! Hey! I thought that the Edsel was going to be a homerun- and that Gore was going to beat Bush in the Supreme Court, so…

Now as for the “new store”- typical ice cream store décor- with plenty of seating inside/handful of tables outside. Super personable counter-folks and owner…plenty of free “licks” and “tastes.”

Unlike many of the gelato joints that dot the South Florida landscape…Papalani Gelato makes all of its gelato “in-house”…there are 30 flavors at any given time (with 15 of them rotating in and out of the lineup). In addition to gelato -Papalani has sorbet, frozen yogurt, coffees, chocolates, gelato/sorbet/yogurt drinks, home-made-waffles…Trust Jeff Eats, everyone in your party-will find what to eat, lick and drink! For those of you on sugar-free diets, first of all too bad- but don’tcha worry, Papalani Gelato- got you covered!

Last night, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats “sampled”- pistachio/chocolate peanut butter/caramel macnut/tiramisu gelatos and I gotta tell you Papalani’s gelatos were absolutely delicious…for good measure we also “sampled” chocolate/lemon sorbets and like the gelatos-they passed the taste-test with flying colors. On the pricing front, “neighborhood” ice cream store prices- ranging from $2.95 for a kids cup to $5.50 for a large cup!

You can check full menu/prices/info at

Let me wrap this one up for you,

Papalani Gelato is making some real-good stuff…it is definitely worth a visit!

Papalani Gelato is open Sunday-Thursday 7am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 7am-11pm.

Printed May 1, 2015
* Papalani Gelato, 16800 Jog Road, Delray Beach, Florida 33446, (561) 536-5866.

Next week Papalani Gelatio a franchised gelato/hand-made chocolates/dessert/breakfast/coffee fast food “concept” out of Hawaii is scheduled to open in the Shoppes of Addison Place, 16800 Jog Road, Delray Beach.

This morning, Jeff Eats “peeked” in Papalani’s window and the store is almost set-to go…I will tell you, that it’s a real nice looking upscale “ice cream” store! No ifs ands or buts, the franchisee went for some nice cash building the joint!

If I got my geography-straight, Papalani Gelato is opening in the exact-same center that “now failed” Orange Leaf Self Serve Frozen Yogurt did back in April, 2010.

Only time will tell if this new player’s concept is strong enough to overcome a strip center which back in 2010, as well as today – literally had/has no foot traffic! Just between you guys and Jeff Eats, I have never been to a Papalani Gelato store, so, I have absolutely no idea as to how its stuff is…that said, a pretty thorough Google Search turned up some real nice “feedback” on its products/operation. Not to harp, but all I know is Jeff Eats’ mantra for “these” kind of fast food businesses is…location, location, location- but like I said 1.4 seconds ago, time will tell!

Papalani Gelato will be open Sunday-Thursday 6am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 6am-11pm.

You can follow the Papalani Gelato “story” at

By the way Papalani Gelato currently has 4 opened-locations (2 stores in Hawaii, 1 store in Temple Terrace, Florida, 1 store in Brandon, Florida

3 Comments to “Papalani Gelato (Delray Beach)”

  1. Midwood Gal says...

    Know the location well. it’s where Orange Leaf Yogurt was. Now why in the world would you open in the exact same spot as where a failed yogurt shop was is beyond me.

  2. Gary Lewis says...

    I give this joint another few months before it’s history.
    You couldn’t have a worse location.

  3. Scott A. says...

    Yelp reports that this location has closed.

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