Shadows Of The 60’s- A Tribute To Motown’s Super Groups

Posted on April 28th, 2015 · Music/Events/Other

* Shadows Of the 60’s- A Tribute To Motown’s Super Groups.

No ifs ands or buts, one of America’s best Motown Revue Shows…

Trust Jeff Eats when I tell you…I’ve seen this “act” a number of times, nothing but standing ovations. Don’t believe me, check with the folks at Valencia Reserve in Boynton Beach- who had Shadows Of The 60’s at their clubhouse on March 27, 2015 and see what they thought of the show!- by the way Jeff Eats was there, so unless the 500+ sold out crowd are an organized bunch of fibbers, I know- exactly what they are gonna tell you!

If you want to see or book a phenomenal Motown Revue Show… 94455574

6 Comments to “Shadows Of The 60’s- A Tribute To Motown’s Super Groups”

  1. Mr. Satowitz says...

    Saw the Valencia show. The 11 person group was terrific.
    Highly recommend that if they come to your area that you go see them.

  2. gary says...

    My wife and I saw Shadows Of The 60’s at Century Village in Deerfield Beach.
    We loved the show.
    Great singers who can really dance.

  3. Valencia show was amazing. The audience was literally dancing in their seats all night. Standing ovations. I have never seen a tribute group this good .

  4. Young Court says...

    Caught the show in Sunrise.
    Best 4 Tops I ever saw.
    Great show.

  5. KLEINMAN says...

    This evening I saw the group at Valencia Isles in Boynton Beach and they were terrific.

    • Rhonda R says...

      I also saw them at Valencia Isles. Loved the act.

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