Mastino Wood Fired Italian Kitchen & Bar (Delray Beach)

Posted on April 24th, 2015 · Delray Beach Italian Pizza


***** Mastino Wood Fired Italian Kitchen & Bar, 25 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33444, (561) 921-8687.

Got something absolutely terrific for you guys, 6 month old Mastino Wood Fired Italian Kitchen & Bar in Delray Beach.

Real simple tale,

Last night Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats ate dinner at Mastino and I gotta tell you that this joint absolutely killed it!

The Neapolitan wood fired 12″ margherita ($14) and 12″ five cheese ($16) pizzas that we ordered were dynamite. No ifs ands or buts-the pies were two of the best pizzas that we’ve had since this Jeff Eats’ gig began back in 2006. Throw in a terrific-Mediterranean salad ($8.50), a dynamite eggplant stack ($12.50) and a killer meatball in tomato sauce with ricotta cheese ($8.50) and Mastino which seats something like- 100 inside/30 outside is a homerun in Jeff Eats’ book!…by the way, for you drinkers out there-full bar area and loads of flat screen tvs. For the non-pizza eaters, Mastino’s got plenty of salads, panini sandwiches, roasted wings and other Italian stuff- so you won’t starve or nothing!

Now- you know and I know that pizza and for that matter everything-in-life is a subjective other words- what Jeff Eats may love you may hate…

With the above in mind, Jeff Eats is telling you- that anyone who doesn’t- like Mastino’s thin/crisp pizza- doesn’t know dick, about pizza!- subjective or no subjective!

Just between you and me, Mastino which is located in Delray’s- Pineapple Grove section isn’t in the best retail-spot…no Amerigo Vespucci here, but I’m thinking that the 179 feet or so that Mastino is off-the main Atlantic Avenue-drag- really hurts its draw…like I said above, the joint has only been around for something like 6 months- so word of mouth is gonna make or break this one!

Let me wrap this up for you,

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats really enjoyed Mastino…trust me when I tell you, that everything the joint served-up was outstandingly good! By the way, very pleasant service and Mastino’s prices worked- but I did think that the 12″ 5 cheese pizza at 16 bucks pushed its luck just- a bit!

You can check menu/prices/info at

Mastino Wood Fired Italian Kitchen Bar is open Sunday 11am-10pm, Tuesday-Wednesday 5pm-10pm, Thursday 5pm-11pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-2am, closed Monday.

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  1. herb says...

    Jeff you nailed it! Eggplant stack – and Meatball are fantastic and the pizza is best in Delray!

    • Thanks Herb ….we always use the best ingredients we can get our hands on. You picked some of my favorites…thanks for your vote buddy and hope to see you back soon. Ciao !!

      Salvatore Campanile Founder / Master Pizza Chef

      PS – check out our Pizza Academy !! It’s a blast and a great date night for all you singles :)..

  2. Thanks Gary. Hope to see you back soon. Ciao !
    Salvatore Campanile – Founder / Master Pizza Chef

  3. Sorry Ray….it does get a little loud with live music. We do keep the doors open and sitting outside may be a better choice . Thanks for checking us out !
    Salvatore Campanile Founder / Master Pizza Chef

  4. Thanks so much , glad you made it . if you’re a pizza bianca fan try the White truffle , potato , onion next time …..a presto !

    Salvatore Campanile Founder / Master pizza Chef

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