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Posted on April 21st, 2015 · American Breakfast Lake Worth


Eggs Cetera Cafe, 6346 Lantana Road, Lake Worth, Florida 33463, (561) 968-8200.

This past- Sunday morning, Jeff Eats and his good friend Roy had breakfast at a new breakfast-lunch joint…Eggs Cetera Cafe in Lake Worth.

Eggs Cetera which opened about a month ago has both indoor and covered outdoor patio seating…and is open 7 days a week 7am-4pm.

Eggs Cetera has an extensive all-day breakfast/lunch menu.

You can check menu/prices at

The reason why my “comments” may seem a bit terse, is because they are!

Just so you know, the food was good, the service was good, the prices were right…absolutely no problems with the $9.99 meat omelet/home fries that I had- same for the $8.99 veggie omelet/grits that Roy ordered. That said, the toasted everything bagel (I had) and the plain toasted bagel (Roy had)- were beyond lousy…just imagine white bread disguised as a bagel and you’ll be on the right page!

Now for the “terse”…prior to being seated- Jeff Eats and Roy had maybe a 5 minute conversation with Eggs’ owner-Peter…among other things- we talked about his former restaurant Benny’s On The Beach, his plans for Eggs Cetera, the Jeff Eats’ blog and other restaurants in the area…2-3 minutes after that conversation, the hostess sat us at what had to be the worst-outside table…to keep this short, the wait-station was something like 1-foot from Jeff Eats’ back when seated…you wanna talk cramped! Trust Jeff Eats, that “table” ruined what “would” have been a pretty strong-breakfast outing. Just between you and me, I coulda bitched and had the table changed- but then I’d only have had the bagels to dump on!

Let me wrap this up for you, this Eggs Cetera CafĂ© should do real-good…trust Jeff Eats- this guy Peter knows how to run a breakfast/lunch joint…but then again, just maybe he doesn’t!

Now for the sticky part of this “conversation”- Jeff Eats knows that IF I AM PETER, 1-I don’t give Jeff Eats a crap-table and 2-during the breakfast I stop by the table and see how Jeff Eats and Roy are doing…but I AM NOT PETER, so crap table and no visit tells me that I WON”T BE BACK FOR ROUND #2… and I know that there are a bunch of you guys out there who are saying “Jeff Eats who do you think you are?…but that’s the call here!

Finally, just because Jeff Eats wasn’t a happy camper doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try this joint…just a word to the wise, don’t order the everything bagel, don’t order the plain bagel and sure as hell don’t let them seat you by that wait-station!

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  1. Anna H says...

    My husband and I live 5 minutes away. We had breakfast there last Saturday and it was very busy. As you probably know this location was the home to a number of failed Italian restaurants. Inside there is very limited seating. Outside is much bigger. The problem if it rains and the outside is useless. The breakfast we had was very good. I had a western omelet and my husband had pancakes. We sat outside. The problem we found little gnats flying around. Time will tell if this restaurant makes it.

  2. Glenn W. says...

    You got this one called right.

    I have been in the restaurant business for over 35 years.

    Once Peter knew that you were Jeff Eats of, he should have made sure that you were properly seated. Keep in mind, if the table was lousy for you it’s probably lousy for everyone else as well. During the meal, Peter should have stopped by the table to see how things were going. Personally, if I was Peter I would have sent over a small item for you and Roy to ‘taste.’
    From what I am reading, the fellow really didn’t give a crap as to who you were or might have been.
    Your review is quite fair.
    You just stated that you didn’t care for the treatment, but from what I read you aren’t telling anyone else not to go there.
    It’s good to see a reviewer who calls it as he sees it.

  3. Sidney L Turner says...

    Over the years I have found that Greek Diner Owners aren’t really the sharpest pencils in the box.
    They know how to run restaurants and work like dogs but they really know nothing about good customer service.
    This guy Peter should have made sure that Jeff Eats was seated the right way. During the meal, Peter should have sent over something for Jeff Eats to try, or at the least, stopped by the table to get Jeff’s feedback on the meal.
    How bright do you have to be to make sure that a guy with a food blog isn’t seated at a crappy table? I would suggest not too bright. How bright do you have to be to figure out that the food blogger is going to write about his experience? I would suggest not too bright.

  4. gary says...

    Can’t believe a veteran restaurant man didn’t come over to the table to see how things were going.

  5. Gary Goldberg says...

    Nice food presentation and good service. The meat omelete was salty as hell and home fries were just okay. I wasn’t too thrilled with the joint. My wife enjoyed her western omelete and thought home fries were good. I had whole wheat toast it was just fine. Her ET toasted bagel wasn’t too good.

  6. Mr. Vet says...

    Ate breakfast yesterday morning and it was very good.

  7. elaine says...

    first of all this is my first visit on your website. I have been in this place many times and I loved it. prices are great, my service was fast and my food came out fast and delicious. my family met this guy peter and his wife and they were too kind to offer us a taste of greek yogurt with berries (obviously he can not do the same to everybody).Also i notice that he is always speaks with his customers thats how we met him anyway… the day u went by maybe he wasnt in good mood who knows? plus i dont really find a reason why he will treat you differently from us with a special table or a treat? because you write on a blog? excuse me but not everybody knows about internet.

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