Bette Midler (Hard Rock Live-Hollywood)

Posted on April 19th, 2015 · Deals Hollywood Music/Events/Other

* Bette Midler.

Jeff Eats first told you guys about these “concerts” way-back on 12/4/2014…

No fooling here, everyone that I have “spoken” to about these shows has bitched about how EXPENSIVE the tickets were priced…

I’m with you guys, $188.80-$475.65 is way too high. Jeff Eats -just this minute “checked” the seating maps for both shows- and there are plenty of good seats left…I guess the General Public sees the shows- like you and I do- too expensive!

Anyway, to make a long story short…if you check it’s running a $169 “deal” on both shows…I don’t have the full details, but for $169 you get a ticket and a $100 food-card to use at select restaurants. Just maybe worth checking out!


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  1. Stu L says...

    Prices definitely on the high side.
    I play some at both HR and Coconut Creek so I’m trying to get a pair for Friday Night through a Casino Host. Would love to see Midler in concert.

  2. Garry Goldberg says...

    I saw BM a number of years ago on Broadway. She is a tremendous entertainer.
    I am definitely going to checkout that and see if the offer makes good sense. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Young Court says...

    Wanted to thank you for the great idea that you had in a prior column about buying comp tickets from players who don’t use them. Last night I picked up 2 tkts for $125 each that sold normally for $250 outside the arena 15 minutes before the show.
    Terrific show. Bette Midler was great.

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