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Publix Old Fashioned Naturally Flavored Lemonade

Posted on April 6th, 2015 · American Deals Fast Food


***** Publix Old Fashioned Naturally Flavored Lemonade.

Nothing for nothing, Jeff Eats absolutely loves a nice-ice-cold glass of lemonade.

Over the years, I’ve literally tried all of the ready-to-drink brands…like, Newmans’ Own, Tropicana, Country Time, Minute Maid, Simply Lemonade, Whole Foods 365 Organic…

Just between you and Jeff Eats, Publix Old Fashioned Naturally Flavored Lemonade-holds its own against-most of the competition.

The play here, a gallon of Publix fetches $2.99 and on the right-day… IF- YOU BUY ONE YOU GET ONE FOR FREE!

Lemonade drinkers…you now know what Jeff Eats drinks!

10 Comments to “Publix Old Fashioned Naturally Flavored Lemonade”

  1. Tim Coughlin says...

    For my taste I also like Publix lemonade

  2. Nicky A says...

    You are definitely onto something here.
    Bought the Publix brand today for $2.99 gallon. They didn’t have buy one get one today. Tried it and it was delicious.
    Good find.

  3. CHARLES says...

    JEFF –
    I add this lemonade to Publix Ice Tea –
    Makes the BEST Arnold Palmer –

    • Cal says...

      I agree! I generally do this when they’re BOGO.

  4. SidRidesABike says...

    I’ve bought that lemonade and its delicious and cheap. When Publix does that BOGO its an absolute steal.
    Good tip for readers.

  5. Young Court says...

    I love lemonade.
    Found Publix brand a year or so ago and really like it. The best time to buy is when its bogo. I have to mention that Simply Lemonade is also excellent but the price difference with Publix own brand makes it a no brainer with Publix the winner.

  6. JoyceEatsBagels says...

    Very good lemonade at a phenomenally reasonable price.
    I got 2 gallons for $2.99.

  7. Sidney L Turner says...

    I found it to have a bit of an after taste.

    On your list I like Newman’s the best.

  8. Billy Deal says...

    Publix gets 3.79 for a 1/2 gallon of Simply Lemonade while Walmart gets $2. That’s criminally insane.

  9. Bobby Gentile says...

    I found it way too sweet.

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