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Posted on April 2nd, 2015 · American Fast Food Music/Events/Other



I don’t know about you guys…but all day long Jeff Eats’ computer gets “bombarded” with all kinds of unsolicited EATING HEALTHY- posts!

Below, are 6- that I received in just the last 9 minutes….

This Pantry Staple May Add Years to Your Life
5 Tips for a Super-Healthy Smoothie
3 Ways Your Healthy Dessert is Hurting You
7 Easy Tricks For a Healthier Soup
No. 1 Secret to Weight Loss Success
5 Best Breakfasts To Boost Weight Loss

I say enough already…

If eating a FLAT-TOP-GRILLED CHEESEBURGER & FRENCH FRIES with a 16oz COKE twice a week is gonna shorten my life-span by 11 days…then so be it!

Can’t wait for the day- when “they” scientifically discover that fatty burgers keep people from developing Alzheimer’s.

4 Comments to “ENOUGH ALREADY!”

  1. PersonNew says...

    You are so right.
    Right now I could go online and show you 10 articles on why drinking coffee could kill you and 10 articles why drinking coffee is great for your health.
    My grandfather lived to 93. He smoked 2 cigars a day, drank booze at will, and ate hot dogs and French fries all the time. The man was literally never sick a day in his life and he died in his sleep one night.

  2. SidRidesABike says...

    Look at it this way, you eat Healthy and you Exercise right and you do a whole lot of preventative medicine and you get on a plane and the f’ing pilot decides to crash the plane unto a mountain and kills you.
    I eat what I want when I want.
    Life is meant to be lived not to played as a game of chess.
    I’m with you, Jeff.

  3. LODI says...

    You make perfect sense.
    Iran is our enemy yet we are helping Iran in Iraq.
    One day something is unhealthy for you the next day the experts say its good for you.

  4. JoyceEatsBagels says...

    Yo da man!
    Nobody really knows what is and isn’t good for you to eat.
    Some people can eat everything and live forever and some can eat “healthy” and drop dead at 45.
    Just enjoy life!

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