Bay Bays Chicken & Waffles (West Palm Beach)

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***** Bay Bays Chicken & Waffles.

Here’s a recent e-mail Jeff Eats received.

Can you point me and my husband in the right direction for some terrific fried chicken & waffles. We live in Boynton Beach and have no problem traveling for great top food.
Lynn F
Lynn F:

Check-out Bay Bays Chicken & Waffles in West Palm Beach.

There are 2-locations.

Printed down below is Jeff Eats’ 5/5/13 “story.”

Thanks for reading…

May 5, 2013
***** Bay Bays Chicken & Waffles, 2400 Okeechobee Boulevard, West Palm Beach, Florida 33409, (561) 429-3796 & 1558 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401, (561) 360-3591.

Late this afternoon, Jeff Eats came across a “southern” chicken/ribs joint that I think you guys will absolutely love…Bay Bays Chicken & Waffles. Just so you know, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats ate at the 2400 Okeechobee Boulevard location…the 1558 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard joint is scheduled to open sometime next week.

To be perfectly honest with you–Bay Bays was an “impulse stop”—Jeff Eats saw Bay Bays’ big chicken sign from the road and like a Greek siren the red/yellow 1200 square foot run down/free standing building with its 24 outdoor bench seats and 30 indoor booth/counter seats called my name…remember the movie “Deliverance”? Bay Bays looks exactly what Jeff Eats “envisions” 1950’s-1960’s southern roadside joints having looked like.


At this stage of the discussion you can check menu/prices/photos at

Bay Bays menu features some of the most delicious fried chicken and babyback ribs that Jeff Eats has had in a very long time. For sure, the joint’s menu has its fair share of salads/subs/sandwiches/burgers/pastas/desserts but the real game here is the chicken and waffles’ (plain, apple cinnamon, peanut butter & jelly, cuban coffee, cornbread, lemon cake, red velvet, strawberry, chocolate, pumpkin pie, pecan) combo and the fall-off the bone -sweet sauced oven baked ribs.

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats shared a 1/2 fried chicken/plain waffle ($11.95)–1/3 slab of ribs/macaroni & cheese/mashed potatoes ($9.95) and–every item was absolutely dynamite…Just a fast note– the fried chicken has a spicy kick to it -which is balanced by the sweet waffle flavors offered–the combo of spicy/sweet in one “mouthful” was really delicious. For those of you who aren’t as adventuresome as Jeff Eats–on request, Bay Bays will make your chicken toned-down.

Like I said a few seconds ago, the game here-for Jeff Eats “is” the chicken/waffles and the ribs…that said, the table next to us raved about the fried catfish (no thank you!) sandwich and jerk turkey burger they had. As Jeff Eats has said countless times—each to their own—live and let live—one if by land, two if by sea.

No fooling around here, Bay Bays is something you gotta try.

So there is no misunderstanding or anything…

Bay Bays which has been open 8 months–serves beer and wine-and is about as casual as it gets. When we arrived, our waitress brought us a couple of fried chicken wings on a paper napkin to-taste—soda was served by the bottle and samples of collard green and baked beans also found their way to the table. Just so you know, those great-ribs are only served Friday-Saturday-Sunday “from 3pm until gone.” Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats were there from 3:30pm to 4:15pm–we ate outside and really enjoyed Okeechobee Road’s speeding traffic–during the time we were there, every seat inside was taken and let’s say 82% of the outside seats were filled. By the way, every customer surveyed was clad in shorts.

If you are looking for fancy schmancy—this joint ain’t gonna work for you.

Now nothing for nothing, Jeff Eats can’t really say for sure what 1950’s-1960’s southern roadside joints really looked like…afterall, we didn’t have too many of them on Cortelyou Road in Brooklyn. Look, I saw “Deliverance” (Do you remember what they did to Ned Beatty’s character?) and have read numerous articles/books so I think I’m making a real good call here…Bay Bays has got it down-perfectly!

Finally, Bay Bays is set -later this week to open an inline location on Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard. Bay Bays owner (Israel) told Jeff Eats that the new store will have the exact same menu/color scheme/decor as the original location—the only thing I question (that figures) is whether the Bay Bays’ concept loses something in the translation without having the outdoor patio/free standing/run-down building look that makes its first location absolutely cool! Time will tell on that.

Jeff Eats loved Bay Bays.

The joint is open for breakfast/lunch/dinner…Sunday-Thursday 9am-11pm, Friday-Saturday 9am-midnight.

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    An additional choice that’s closer to their home is Donnie’s Southern Restaurant in Downtown Delray Beach. They serve Chicken & Waffles. Worth a try! Here’s the link to Donnie’s FB page.

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