Clever Trick Keeps House Burglars Away

Posted on March 28th, 2015 · Music/Events/Other


* Clever Trick Keeps House Burglars Away.

Jeff Eats just read this story on

Hopefully, no burglars read Jeff Eats- ’cause now they know that-that big old dog bowl outside my home’s back door- is a FAKE TRICK!

Clever trick keeps house burglars away
Mar 16th 2015 1:15PM

Could Leaving a Dog Bowl Outside Your House Keep Burglars Away?

Spring is on its way, and we’re all ready to get away and book that dream vacation.

Before you go, however, there is one thing you should know about keeping your home safe while you’re away.

Former CIA officer Jason Hanson says that homeowners often leave their front porch light on when they go on vacation, thinking they can trick criminals into believing they’re home. This is a mistake.

What you should do instead is buy a large dog bowl and place this by your back door. Criminals are searching for the easiest target — they’ll go for the home next door that doesn’t have a big dog.

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  1. Eater says...

    Love the Tibetan mastiff! Do they allow those in woodfield?

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