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A Sure Bet: Senator Cruz Running For President

Posted on March 23rd, 2015 · American Fast Food


* A Sure Bet: Senator Cruz Running For President.

Today, Ted Cruz the U.S. Senator from Texas- announced that he is seeking the 2016-Republican nomination for President.

Jeff Eats will bet you any amount of money that you’d like, that this man will not get that nomination!

Death, Taxes and Ted Cruz will not get the nomination!

Go to the bank on it!

While we are talking Texas…or is it turkey?

Burger House Hamburgers in Texas (its been around since 1951)- makes absolutely amazing flat-top-grilled-fast-food burgers, French fries and onion rings…there are 3 in Dallas and 1 in Addison.

6913 Hillcrest Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75205

18 Comments to “A Sure Bet: Senator Cruz Running For President”

  1. Mark K says...

    I attended SMU in Dallas.
    Hamburger House is legendary,
    Great burgers and fries.

  2. larry fine says...

    Only at will you find a senator running for president and a fast food buger joint tied together. Love it.

  3. John Goulbunny says...

    Jeff, is it that Ted Cruz went to college at Princeton graduating Cum Laude, graduated Harvard Law graduating Magna Cum Laude, was the first Hispanic or Cuban American to be a Senator from Texas? Even, Alan Dershowitz said “Cruz is off-the charts brilliant”. Could it be that he doesn’t want to raise the debt ceiling as obama has done since the US has over 18 TRILLION of debt we will never pay back? What could be the issue(s) that concern you my friend???

    • JeffEats says...

      John Goulbunny:

      This is what is called a gimmeeee! A lay-up!

      How much you wanna bet, the man doesn’t even come close to getting that nomination?

      If he is as smart as you and others might think, how come he isn’t smart enough to know that he hasn’t got a chance?

      By the way, Jeff Eats never commented on his politics, I just know a loser when I see one – and trust me, on his “bid ” for the nomination, Cruz is a loser right out of the gate!

      • JoyceEatsBagels says...

        You got it pegged correctly.
        No way that Cruz wins anything.

        • AzureGhost says...

          Joyce, I think you need to Google pegging… And get back with me.

        • John Goulbunny says...

          What do you know about pegging?

      • John Goulbunny says...

        Tell me how that honest Hillary goes for you…Easy Runnings

    • Lola W says...

      If Cruz is as smart as you think he is, he wouldn’t be wasting his time and contributors’ money running for a nomination that he hasn’t got a chance of winning. His running tells me he is probably a freaking moron.

    • HerbK says...

      The debt ceiling has to be constantly raised so we don’t default on the obligations congress has created. BTW, Cruz wouldn’t win a state that Romney lost in 2012

  4. Shelly says...

    Not too many Ivy Leaguers commenting here. It’s good to see one of them on the “dark side.” Really folks, everyone including Mr Cruz and his backer reliazes his chances are slim and none, but unless that participate in the nomination process, they will lose any voice they may have in determinging the Parties platform. That is what is important to true believers of any stripe.

  5. David L says...

    I’ll just leave this here…(SFW)

    • shelly says...

      Ahh…quotes from another far left wing, thought hating, “if you don’t agree with me you are evil” blogger. How enlightening.

  6. mark says...

    A man born of a non American father and an American mother known to be born in a another country and where are the birthers?

  7. Anthony Franza says...

    Mark this post, John Kasich will be the next president of the United States.

    • HerbK says...

      This John Kasich?

      The budget proposal offered by the Democrats is a recipe for economic and fiscal disaster. It proposes to increase taxes at a time when Americans are already overtaxed. It proposes to increase taxes at a time when we have a fragile economy–higher taxes will only stifle job creation and economic growth.

      Rep. John Kasich (R-OH), CNN.

      How did that work out for the country?

      • Sidney L Turner says...

        Have to agree with others, JOHN KASICH will be the next president. He is a straight no nonsense talker who is pretty centrist in his thinking.
        I’m for him.

  8. larry fine says...

    CRUZ is wasting his time.
    Our next President will be the current Governor of Ohio, John Kasich

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