Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar (Boca Raton)

Posted on March 7th, 2015 · American Boca Raton


***** Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar, 6000 Glades Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33431, (561) 393-3252.

Literally, Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar, has been in the “making” for over a year at The Town Center at Boca Raton.

You guys- if you like, can read Jeff Eats’ past “stories” about this growing upscale gourmet burger chain (it currently has 10 units)…if not, not! Just so you know, it’s a full service joint, inside/outside patio seating, full bar area and plenty of flat screen tvs…

Here’s the tip…Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar in Boca Raton- is finally gonna open on Tuesday, March 10, 2015…and I am telling you, that its burgers, salads, sides, shakes. desserts are off-the chart delicious…the joint is an absolute must try.

Check for menu/info.

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  1. Gentry says...

    Went to VIP Party last night. Food is amazing. This restaurant is going to be a huge winner.

  2. Telner says...

    I’ve eaten in their Sawgrass location and their Zinburger and parmesan ff are delicious.

  3. WP (Boca Raton) says...

    I ate at the one in Sawgrass and wasn’t impressed with the food.

  4. Joey Gaza says...

    Ate lunch there today.
    Waiter confused.
    Wrong burgers delivered to our table twice.
    Burgers arrived with wrong toppings but we still accepted them. They were ok but not great.
    FF were good.
    Zucchini fries were cold and soggy.
    Not a good outing.
    Prices on the high side.
    Wont be back real soon.

  5. Ezra T says...

    I was there for lunch today.
    Very nice looking joint. Great location.
    I wasn’t impressed with its Kobe Burger, its French fries nor its vanilla shake.
    I also thought that the food was overpriced.
    The service was lousy and not sharp.
    Not so sure that Boca is going to take to this one.

  6. mike n says...

    good looking place. way too expensive.

  7. Aaron William says...

    Ate there this past Saturday night. Cheeseburger and Ff were excellent. Beautiful place. Great location. Very busy at 10:30pm when I got there.

  8. Jeff,
    My wife and I had lunch there yesterday.
    Almost 50 bucks for 2 burgers, 2 ff and 2 drinks.
    Kind of on the high side.
    Food was good but nothing great.
    Wait staff is still a bit confused but that’s to be expected in a 1 week old restaurant.
    Terrific mall location and very nice looking restaurant.
    The one real problem I see is the prices being too high.

  9. Shelly says...

    From: Shelly

    Message Body:
    Just came from the mall, saw it was open and
    dropped in. If you don’t know where to find the entrance in the mall, like me
    most people walked around to the outside entrance, It’s big, comfortable and
    reasonably quiet for a Boca “joint”.

    Otherwise I found it to be overpriced
    and undervalued. I had a bacon cheeseburger with French Fries and an iced tea
    and the bill came to $20.92 (before tip),
    And I had the regular burger not
    the Kobe upsell.

    I had a burger late last week at Abe & Louies and this one
    didn’t come close. The best I could use to describe it was bland and the fries
    were limp.

    Too bad. It’s close to the office, but after the blush of
    something new wears off we’ll see how they hang in there.

  10. Buddy and I ate there yesterday around 1:30pm. Pretty busy. Two burgers, two sodas and ff and we were in the hole for over $47.
    Not that good for that kind of money.

  11. Louie G says...

    Boca is a great spot.
    Too expensive.

  12. richard Giando says...

    This is going to be a winner

  13. Jeff,
    I’ve eaten there 3 times and really enjoyed the food each time. I think that the prices are just a drop on the high side.

  14. Carl W says...

    Terrific food.
    Love this joint.

  15. John Lee says...

    Ate there yesterday. The food is fair and way overpriced. They won’t see me again.

  16. Hank G says...

    Ok burgers and sides. That’s about it.

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