Delray Marketplace (Delray Beach)

Posted on March 6th, 2015 · Delray Beach Music/Events/Other

* Delray Marketplace.

This center’s location- STINKS!

Other than- the movie theatre and a handful of restaurants- the bet here, is that Delray Marketplace’s retail-tenants are sucking wind, big time!


Orange Sunshine, Big City Dogs and Viva Classic Rock- are all kick-ass bands…they can play!


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  1. Mr.M says...

    Just curious why no stores have closed if this center sucks. Why stay open and pay big rent month after month if there is no hope.

  2. PC says...

    This center seems to be doing well to me. I’m sure some of the tenants struggle, but isn’t that every shopping center.

  3. Mr.M says...

    Tell me the facts, what stores have closed and stores that changes hands.

  4. mark says...

    in 5 years the location will be in the center of everything. I remember when Sawgrass was built in the middle of no where now they have 1000’s of homes within a few miles.

  5. linda says...

    G.L. homes has been approved to build 35 thousand single family homes in the next 5 years from Clint Moore to Boynton Beach blvd West of Lyons Road. My money is on Mark.

  6. Mr.M says...

    This plaza is a gold mine. No stores have closed, and the pizzeria never closed and all the stores are busy when I am there. No centers like this close by. Hundreds of million dollar plus homes sold out within a 5 mile radius. New developments being built right now that are sold out. 85% of stores leased.

    • eric says...

      15 stores have since gone out of business

  7. MIKE says...

    Mysteriously, three adjacent stores have closed
    without notice.
    “Officially” It’Sugar is closed for renovations
    (open barely 36 months…what renovations?)
    and next door neighbor Pop Culture Vault
    (probably a freebie rental offered to take up space) and the beleaguered Olive Tap,claiming
    that they’re shuttered due to “water damage”…
    who’s kidding who?

  8. eric says...

    From: eric
    Subject: Delray Marketplace

    Message Body:
    I was very interested in your blog about the delray marketplace and the feedback from when it first opened up, now its past 5 yrs and 15 stores have come and gone, i’d love to see a followup along with public opinion especially since new plazas are being built around the delray marketplace, thanks

  9. Tom Nixon says...

    You called it from a Day One, the Marketplace would be a failure.

    Latest closings, Shula Burgers and Cabo Flats.

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