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Publix Empanadas

Posted on March 5th, 2015 · Boca Raton Fast Food Latin


Publix Empanadas.

A real short and simple story…

Last night around 6:18 pm- Jeff Eats picked-up 6 warm fully cooked-empanadas at the Publix located on Yamato Road/Jog Road in Boca Raton…To be more precise, 2- chicken, 2- meat, 2 spinach & cheese.

The empanadas ran a buck-fifty a piece- and were located in the bakery department’s “warmer” display case

Last night Jeff Eats ate 3 of those empanadas…To be more precise, 1- chicken, 1- meat, 1- spinach & cheese.

The best way to describe these empanadas..Brooklyn bowling alley food circa 1957! Now, no insult intended to Ray Bluth or Dick Webber- but these 3 suckers were nasty- real nasty!

The chicken and spinach/cheese had absolutely no taste…and the meat empanada was tasteless ground beef seasoned with enough pepper-to choke a freaking horse! To make matters even worse, the fillings were wrapped in a “cardboard-like” pastry.

Finally, Jeff Eats maybe going out on a limb here, but I’m thinking that a number of you guys have “seen” these Publix empanadas and asked yourself- “Self-I wonder what those good looking empanadas taste like?

Well you now know…LOUSY- and lousy is being kind!

End of story!

3 Comments to “Publix Empanadas”

  1. frankW says...

    Only places to buy empanadas are the Argentine Deli and Pizza Chef

  2. suzy says...

    I used to work at the Publix in Key Largo and I thought they were magnificent. Flakey and tasty. Maybe it was the store you bought them from? I also had good ones in a cape coral publix store and Ft. Myers.

  3. Stef says...

    HORRIBLE. They were horrible.

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