The Israelis Are Gonna Handle This Anyway!

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* The Israelis Are Gonna Handle This Anyway!

Read the below story in the Washington Free Beacon.

None of this matters anyway…because The Israelis Are Gonna Handle This Anyway!

While Jeff Eats is on the subject of Islamic Terrorism…you guys ever see that movie The Manchurian Candidate?

I’ll have a real good joint for you guys to checkout tomorrow!

Top Iranian nuke negotiator ordered to stop screaming at Kerry
By Adam Kredo
·Published February 19, 2015·
Washington Free Beacon

Iran’s foreign minister and lead negotiator in nuclear talks with the United States has been ordered by the Islamic Republic’s Supreme Leader to stop shouting and yelling at Secretary of State John Kerry during negotiating sessions.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif told his country’s state controlled media in a recent interview that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has instructed him to stop yelling at Kerry and other top U.S. officials during the talks.

Reports about Zarif’s temper first emerged in the Iranian press last November, when the United States and Iran agreed to extend talks through June of this year.

Zarif is said to “frequently shout at Western diplomats” with such force that bodyguards have been forced to enter the negotiation room.

During one incident described by Iranian officials to the press, European Union Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton, a chief western negotiator, admitted that Zarif had been shouting, and she had gotten used to it.

Abbas Araqchi, an Iranian diplomat who is also a member of the negotiating team, is reported to have said in an interview that during past negotiations in Geneva, Zarif “shouted” at Kerry and spoke to him in a manner “unprecedented” in the history of U.S. diplomacy.

Zarif appeared to cop to this behavior during a recent interview with the state-controlled Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), according to an independent translation of the report provided to the Washington Free Beacon

14 Comments to “The Israelis Are Gonna Handle This Anyway!”

  1. ZED says...

    No fooling, I’ve been thinking that Manchurian Candidate idea for awhile.

  2. SidRidesABike says...

    No matter what he says or what they say, he’s a Muslim. No other PRESIDENT in history would act this way. Now he wants to fight ISIS by getting them jobs and starting businesses foe them. It’s going be a very long and dangerous two years.

  3. Young Court says...

    Betcha he woudn’ t be screaming if Romney was President.

  4. JoyceEatsBagels says...

    Iraq mistake.
    Afghanistan mistake.
    Libya mistake.
    Egypt mistake.
    Not wiping out Iran’s n-weapons mistake.
    Not wiping out ISIS mistake.

  5. LODI says...

    Kerry is being played for a fool. He is wasting his time. The Israelis when ready will launch massive air strikes to destroy any sign of Iran having even close to a nuclear weapon. As for Obama he is an ass. I appreciate him not wanting to get the US into another Middle East war but IsIs is like the Nazis were and they must be destroyed immediately.

    • shelly says...

      Lodi, Neither Kerry or his predecessor has any foreign policy experience. His comments and those of his acolyte Indyk speak volumes to the fact that they are fools so it doesn’t take very much for the Iranians to have themm in the palm of their hand. Like his puppet master, Kerrry is all about his image and legacy.

  6. Last year Obama called ISIS the JV Team. This man has no idea as the fire he is playing with.

  7. Solomon Burke says...

    Jeff Eats,
    Love your Manchurian Candidate comment. Based on recent events not such a far fetched theory.

  8. Shelly says...

    The Obamanations whole history is that of anti-semitism, wrapped in a cloak that says ” I am not anti-semitic I am just anti-Israel”. And of course the lefties eat this up like a good priece of fatty pastrami, sliced thin.

  9. Mallory Stutman says...

    The Manchurian Candidate line is absolutely precious. Based on what I see, it isn’t such a far fetched idea. This fellow Obama was raised by Communists/Socialists who despised the United States. Obama;s close friends in Chicago were domestic terrorists during the Vietnam War. His pastor was a black radical who spoke of hate for the US.
    I really believe that Obama’s goal is to make The US a second rate country and a socialist state.
    On Kerry, he is a total fraud. he’s another one, who when he came home from Vietnam threw away his medals. He married rich. Just think what would have happened if he had won the presidency. We would have had Edward’s scandal to work on for 4 years.
    Bush started this trouble for us, but Obama is working against US’s interests now.
    We definitely would be stronger had McCain or Romney gotten in.

  10. Iran is wasting it’s time.
    Israel is going to bomb the sheeeet out of the country so all of Iran’s stalling and trying to trick the United States are just a waste of time.
    Kerry is a jerk and while we are talking about jerks Biden is the biggest one of all of them. The guy has been on America’s payroll since he turned 30. Never worked for anyone other than Uncle Same. What a fraud.

  11. sharon klein says...

    Your Manchurian Candidate reference is absolutely brilliant.

  12. George G says...

    Obama is definitely The Manchurian Candidate. His goal is to destroy America.
    The guy is a freaking Muslim communist.

  13. This past Sunday Obama was on tv from the oval office. If this man isn’t a Muslim Sympathizer I’ll eat my hat. Thank God we have just 1 more year of this piece of crap. For those who care, I voted for Gore, I voted for Kerry, I am a Democrat, but this Obama is bad news. If you can’t see that he believes that the rest of the world has been a victim of American Imperalism and things have to be righted for them, you are a fool.

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