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Got something that may be of interest to some of you guys…a terrific new documentary film-DELI MAN which is opening in South Florida on February 27, 2015.

You may-be wondering- how I know it’s a terrific film (then again you may not be)?- because Jeff Eats has already seen it.

If you are a “fan” of Delicatessen Food- you will love this film that tells you the “story” of… America’s Kosher Delis.

Down below is a press release with “details” of the film’s upcoming release.




FILM “DELI MAN “ Opens February 27th at these area theaters:

Miami-Dade: AMC Aventura 24-Aventura, AMC Sunset Place24-South Miami, Cosford
Cinema-Coral Gables

Broward: The Classic Gateway Theatre-Ft. Lauderdale, The Last Picture

Palm Beach: Regal Shadowood 16-Boca Raton, Living Room Theaters-Boca Raton,
Movies at Delray, Movies at Lake Worth

“Jewish culture reflects the heart of a vital ethnic history. As that culture
continues to shift and adapt alongside mainstream America, delicatessen food –
as its name suggests – remains a beloved communal delicacy.”

Director Erik Greenberg Anjou’s “Deli Man” is a lively new film about
delicatessens that will especially appeal to S. Florida audiences. In fact,
Ben’s Kosher Delicatessen (S. Fla. has its own in Boca Raton) is one of several
delis featured in the film! This “reality show” styled documentary is a
fast-paced, fun-filled look at the men behind the food, behind the tradition of
the deli!

Third-generation deli man Ziggy Gruber moved from NYC to Houston, Texas, where
he built arguably the finest delicatessen restaurant in the United States.
Ziggy’s story – augmented by the stories of iconic delis including Katz’s, 2nd
Avenue Deli, Nate ‘n Al, Carnegie, and the Stage – embodies a tradition
indelibly linked to this savory, nostalgic food now enjoyed by mainstream

“Deli Man” also features appearances by famous deli-lovers Larry King, Fyvush
Finkel, comedian Jerry Stiller and others. This film offers a revealing
behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to serve plate after plate of
jaw-dropping pastrami sandwiches, big crunchy garlic pickles, and steaming hot
matzo ball soup to hungry, discerning diners … who speak their mind about the
food! Filled with raucous humor, “Deli Man” provides insight into the hectic,
crazy lives of the men who run these restaurants, and made them famous.

Scene after mouthwatering scene is filled with succulent brisket, golden baked
chicken, overstuffed sandwiches with grainy mustard, and other delicacies that
will prompt foodies and film audiences alike to rush out to their favorite deli
… with new found appreciation for the “Deli Man”!

13 Comments to “DELI MAN”

  1. Jon G says...

    Hi Jeff, Did you pick out that picture of The Woodro or is it a shot in the movie? That’s my hometown Deli. I grew up 3 blocks away.

    • JeffEats says...

      Jon G:

      The picture isn’t from the movie.

      When I see Norman this weekend, I’ll tell him you said hello.

      By the way, The Woodro and Norman are in the film.

      For those who don’t know, Norman was the owner of The Woodro

      • Jon G says...

        I hear it’s not the same since he sold the place. And they moved to another location in Hewlett.

  2. SidRidesABike says...

    Looked at the trailer for Deli Man. I and my wife are definitely going to see this picture. It’s our NY Deli history!

  3. Shelly says...

    Movies are nice, but for the real story read “Save the Deli” by David Sax. Talk about memories. My aunt and Uncle owned Kosher Delis in Brooklyn and a hotel in the Jewish Alps, in Liberty, NY. Worked my way thru high schoool and college in both places. Much of who I am today was forged in those places. As Jim Croce sang, “If we could put time in a bottle”.

    • Young Court says...

      Read that book a few years ago and you are right it’s terrific.
      A few years ago they did a “meet & greet” with the author at #G’s Deli on Linton in Delray Beach. 3G’s had all kinds of food outside for the crowd. The pizza restaurant next store did the same and there was a 3 piece band. Very nice event. This movie looks to be terrific. I and my wife and a bunch of friends are going to go see it.

  4. JeffEats says...

    Way ahead of you, see Jeff Eats’ 10/23/09 story on Save The Deli.

    Thanks for reading…

  5. JoyceEatsBagles says...

    Thanks for the heads up on this one.
    Definitely going to see this movie.
    By the way, I have eaten ,many many times at The Woodro.
    Really looking forward to this one.

  6. Manny Katz says...

    The Kosher deli/Kosher Style Deli is a dying business. When I was a kid growing up in the in Brooklyn there was literally a deli on every corner. Today you’d be looking to find even one.
    For many this movie is a photograph of our youth. I can’t wait to see it.
    By the way, the only delis that I have found in south Florida that come even close to the old days are Pomperdale, Ben’s and Zinger’s.

  7. TURNER says...

    Can’t wait to see Deli Man.

  8. Looking forward to seeing this film.

  9. Erik Anjou says...

    Jeff, sorry I’m so slow on the uptake with your blog. Thanks so much for the wonderful notice and review. As the documentary’s producer-director, I’m thrilled about everyone’s enthusiasm for the project.

    And of course, for all of those (rightful) admirers of David Sax’s important book, David was an important resource for DELI MAN, and is one of its many articulate interviewees.


  10. Can’t wait to see this film.
    I’ll bet that it will bring back a load of fond memories.

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