Robert Irvine Live (Hard Rock Live- Hollywood)

Posted on February 4th, 2015 · Deals Music/Events/Other

* Robert Irvine Live.

You ever see this guy’s tv show- Restaurant Impossible where for something like 10,000 bucks he literally “rebuilds” a restaurant in something like 36 hours? Well Jeff Eats has- and personally I think that the GUY and HIS SHOW are full of crap!

Let me ask you something…how come THIS GUY IRVINE doesn’t have to “pull” building permits and doesn’t have to have “building inspectors” check the work? You know why, because HIS SHOW is full of crap.

For crying out loud, you can’t replace a South Florida house’s leaking hot-water-heater without a freaking permit!

Based on Jeff Eats knowledge of South Florida’s restaurant industry–what Robert Irvine claims to do in 36 hours for 10-grand, would probably take a normal Restaurant Owner and a General Contractor (in Boca Raton)-$1,000,000 and 17 months to complete (I’m just guessing here, but you get the picture!).

Anyway, if you want to see Robert Irvine…


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  1. Xman says...

    I’ve seen the show loads of time.
    Irvine is so full of sheet that it’s not even funny.
    Not once have I ever seen an architectural drawing, building permit, building inspector on the show.
    Irvine shows up and the next thing you know he’s ripping the owner a new asshole. He rips the restaurant apart and everything goes according to plan on the fix up.
    What stupid nonsense.
    I recall one show where he was riding around with the owner getting people from City Hall to come to the opening. Just like that, in one day he alleges lines everyone up.
    Very silly show.

  2. KSR says...

    Just ask anyone who has every built a restaurant in Boca Raton how fast they were able build it.
    Restaurant Impossible is just that, Impossible.

  3. Gino A says...

    Restaurant Impossible is a comedy.
    The clown runs around working with the staff and rebuilding the store. No one would ever believe that anyone could do all this in 36 hours.

  4. SidRidesABike says...

    Jeff, Restaurant Impossible is a silly show. In 36 hours this guy changes everything, everybody and rebuilds a restaurant. It’s total nonsense but its a reality tv show. He became famous on BS.

  5. TURNER says...

    Jeff you got the man pegged. An absolute fake.
    It takes me a week to get an AC guy to change some filters in my house meanwhile this man claims to rebuild an entire restaurant in a matter of hours. What a load of crap!

  6. Mark says...

    I love the show but it would be boring if you had to watch the advance team who comes in and makes the plans and get the permits before they film.

    • Bobby A says...

      I have never seen an INSPECTOR every come to check any of the work.
      The show is a scam.

    • Bobby A says...

      You can get permits but if the show was anywhere being legit you’d have to see inspections and you don’t.

  7. Mark says...

    Bobby The inspection part would not make good TV its a TV show so they have to make it entertaining. They also don’t make you watch the paint dry either but it still happens.:)

  8. I have watched his show a number of times. Good reality tv but I know that the guy is as phony as a 3 dollar bill. He must have a secret formula that makes paint dry in 35 seconds.

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