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Dunkin’ Donuts Valentine’s Day Donuts

Posted on February 4th, 2015 · American Boca Raton Breakfast Deals Desserts Fast Food

***** Dunkin’ Donuts Valentine Day’s Donuts.

Last week- Dunkin’ Donuts of South Florida’s corporate office invited Jeff Eats to sample its Valentine’s Day offerings as well as its Chocolate Croissant, a recent addition to its menu. They sent me a $25.00 gift card and asked me to visit a DD in my area…of course they requested feedback and hopefully a “plug” in a Jeff Eats’ column.

Long story short,

Yesterday morning- Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats stopped in at the Dunkin’ Donuts at 3011 Yamato Road in Boca Raton and used the gift card to sample the following products: Heart-Shaped Brownie Batter Donut (heart sprinkles and chocolate frosting outside, brownie batter inside), Cookie Dough Donut (chocolate chips outside, cookie dough filling inside) and Cupid’s Choice Donut (pink frosting and custard filling inside); Chocolate Croissant and a White Chocolate Raspberry Iced Latte.

I enjoyed everything,

My favorite donut was the Brownie Batter, which had a terrific combination of chocolate outside and brownie batter inside. The warm Chocolate Croissant was also delicious and trust me- for $1.79, I could handle one or two of those suckers every day. The latte was ok, but you-guys know that I’m a straight up black-coffee kinda guy so “it wasn’t really my cup of tea”…Mrs. Jeff Eats loved it!

Now for the kicker, in addition to the $25 gift card that I already mentioned, the corporate office also sent me a second $25.00 gift card to use as I liked. Nothing for nothing, I had thought about keeping it for myself, but being a good guy- I’m gonna give it to one of you guys. To win-it send Jeff Eats a “comment” telling me- why you love Dunkin’ Donuts (if you gotta lie, lie) and in honor of Valentine’s Day, the 14th person to write me will win the card. If I don’t get 14 by February 12th, I’m the winner! By the way, Jeff Eats isn’t going to “publish” your comments-immediately on receipt…this way you guys won’t know where you are in the contest pecking order.

Finally, some of you guys with pencil and paper- have probably figured out that my “test” added up to less than 25 bucks…just so you know, I also took home a mixed-dozen donuts, so there!

All in all, I gotta tell you that I was super impressed with the “DD” I visited- clean, sharp service and the stuff was real good- comp or no comp!

Finally, some of you guys maybe wondering how Jeff Eats’ Dunkin’ Donuts outing- compared with the “gourmet” donut stores that dot the South Florida landscape- to be perfectly honest with you, the stuff I had this morning was real-strong. One other thing to keep in mind, maybe there are 5-so called gourmet guys within a 45 minute drive from my Boca Raton home…just guessing, but Dunkin’ Donuts in the same radius probably has 451,296 stores- soooo “availability” has to be factored into rating Dunkin’Donuts and that definitely helps-its case!

For additional information about Dunkin’ Donuts of South Florida including their own Valentine’s Contest, visit them at


20 Comments to “Dunkin’ Donuts Valentine’s Day Donuts”

  1. ZED says...

    DD has terrific coffee. Their coffee runs circles around Starbucks’ coffee.

    Did I win?

  2. CHARLES says...

    JEFF –
    Duncan Donuts are the BEST!
    Superb quality and taste – None better !
    You are also the BEST !
    You are tall and handsome –
    Hope I win !

  3. Emerald Green says...

    I am a shareholder of Dunkin’ Donuts and believe the coming dynamic growth in California and China will move this American iconic brand much higher! Easy Runnings, Azure

  4. SidRidesABike says...

    I love DD.
    Great coffee.
    Pretty good donuts.

  5. Sammie G says...

    Dunkin’ Donuts gets the job done. Good coffee, good donuts, good bagels. I stop in a store 5 minutes from my home almost every morning and pickup a coffee and either a couple of donuts or a bagel.

  6. ken w says...

    I love DD because they used to bake the donuts fresh at each store and now they don’t!!!

  7. Anthony Franza says...

    Jeff, I have been a huge DD fan for years. No question some of the gourmet donut shops have great donuts but as you mention they aren’t too many of them around. I love DD coffee and their donuts are also good. I will tell you that it really matters as to which store you go to. Some are better run than others.

  8. Jon G says...

    Great coffees, Great donuts. What more can you ask for!

  9. Joey Dee says...

    I think that DD is a great operation.
    Personally I really enjoy their bagels.
    Their coffee is also very good.
    Not really a big donut fan.
    So this place is really about coffee for me.

  10. JoyceEatsBagels says...

    Ive had that warm chocolate croissant and its delicious,

  11. TURNER says...

    I have been a fan of DD for almost forever.
    Good donuts and delicious coffee.
    Very consistent products.
    Over the years I have found that some Dunkin’ Donut stores are stronger than others but all in all have never encountered anything even close to being no good.

  12. Chris says...

    DD’s coffee tastes great and is reasonably priced. Their donuts are also tasty, especially my long time favorite, chocolate glazed.

  13. David L says...

    I get my Iced Coffee there every day…There is a secret stash of Butter Pecan Syrup hiding under the counter for me at an undisclosed DD in Boca…

  14. Chewy says...

    Love DD Donuts.
    They also have excellent coffee.
    Definitely going to try that chocolate croissant.

  15. Brandon says...

    I wish they would bring back the back the bacon egg and cheese on a glazed donut…

  16. Joni J says...

    I guess I’m too late. Good coffee and great donuts. It always depends on the time of the day as to donuts freshness. Very good chain.

  17. Mr. Klein says...

    Jeff, the store you went to is relatively new, maybe its 4 months old. I get coffee there in the morning. It is very well run and the help is terrific. One of the best run DD I’ve been in. Thanks for the tip on that chocolate croissant it sounds delicious.

  18. JoyceEatsBagels says...

    Read the story. Saw that I am not winning the contest. Just had a cup of coffee and a chocolate croissant at DD. The coffee as always was good. The croissant was terrific. I am in DD at least once a week. Never had a complaint.

  19. Janet Greene says...

    I like Dunkin’ Donuts.
    I am also familiar was Dandee in Pompano and most recently Rhino which opened in Boca. They are also good.
    What makes Dunkin’ special is that almost every block has one. If I went donuts and coffee or a bagel I don’t have to travel to get my fix.

  20. RTheMan says...

    Best coffee. Love their glazed donuts.

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