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These have to be two of the worse companies in America to do business with.

I have found a “real solution” on how to handle these folks…

When I get overbilled which literally happens EVERY MONTH-or have some other problem, in addition to calling the Company direct…I immediately file a complaint online with the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION ( you will be amazed-at how fast AT&T and COMCAST call you to straighten out the problem.

This past Sunday, Jeff Eats filed over-billing complaints against both companies. Comcast contacted me Monday- morning, corrected the billing error and gave me a $30 credit on my account for the next 12 months. AT&T had two people call me Tuesday morning, one did nothing and said that she would get back to me, while the second person, corrected the over-billing error and gave me a $40 credit towards next month’s bill.

I’m telling you, don’t be intimidated by these companies. Get what you are entitled to. Just file with the FCC and you’ll have the United States Government finally doing something that actually helps you out!

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  1. ZED says...


  2. CARSON says...

    Comcast is a terrible company. Its service goes in and out. When you call the rep has no idea as to what to do. If my HOA didn’t have a contract with these clows I would be long gone.

    As for ATT. Like you I get bills that make no sense one month from the next. If it wasn’t such a pain in the ass to switch both my landline and mobile numbers I would get rid of these clowns. They are terrible to do business with and their reps promise credits and other things that never ever show up on the account.

    Thanks for the fcc headsup.

  3. Jane Kennedy says...

    AT&T’s game is to over bill. The amounts are often small but just imagine overbilling millions of customers. Many customers don’t notice the over billing. Many see the over billing but don’t have the time nor energy to call the company and get the right number. The above is what AT& T is hoping for. A very bad company.

  4. SidRidesABike says...

    AT&T consists of a pack of liars.
    They promise things and never take care of them.
    I have had a running battle with AT&T for years.

  5. Carla G says...

    Att reps are a bunch of liars. They tell you one thing, make no notes and you don’t get what they told you.
    Crooked company.

  6. Emerald Green says...

    AT&T shines brightest is with its dividend.
    The company has increased its dividend for the past 31 consecutive years, which is fantastic.
    The current yield of 5.69% should not be overlooked in terms of its potential to increase dividend income output of a portfolio and reinvestment potential. Haters gonna hate…

    • Anthony Franza says...

      They can pay the dividends because they are over billing.

  7. Jane Kennedy says...

    I can’t even begin to tell you how many lies AT&T reps have told me. They promise credits which never show up and when questioned other reps can’t even find any recorded phone notes on the offers. AT&T is a very bad company to do business with.

  8. Dandy Dan56 says...

    AT&T is a fraudulent company.
    I’ve had a phone rep tell me one thing and then 2 minutes later tell me something totally different. I have been promised credits that never show up on bills and then find that there isn’t even a record of the rep telling me I would be getting a credit.
    This company is totally dishonest.

  9. Sheldon says...

    From: Sheldon
    Subject: Thanks

    Message Body:
    Your message on Comcast and ATT hit home. I was i n a real pissing contest with
    ATT. They totally misrepresented my “deal” on the new I Phone 6Plus. After going
    around in circles with ATT9 Actually half circles they never called back) I
    submitted my complaint to the FCC. Viola 4 days later a call from ATT adjusting
    the deal to what I originally understood. Thanks again.

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