The Tipsy Boar (Hollywood)

Posted on January 26th, 2015 · American Hollywood

***** The Tipsy Boar, 1906 Harrison Street, Hollywood, Florida 33020 (954) 920-2627.

When Jeff Eats first heard about The Tipsy Boar- I immediately thought about my old college buddy, Bobby K. Skelton…Bobby K. passed a few years ago- so no insult intended to his widow, but let me tell you, back in 1966-1970…booooring-when he was even slightly loaded!


There is an old Vietnamese saying that goes something like this…”One picture is worth a thousand words.” With that in mind, this Tipsy Boar joint (see pictures down below) is terrific. Speaking of my college days… If Ithaca, New York- back in the late 60’s had anything like The Tipsy Boar- Jeff Eats would still be an IC (Ithaca College) student. Today, joints like The Tipsy Boar-call themselves gastropubs…to me, the Tipsys of the world- will always be sports bars- with tons of beers/wines/hard booze/tvs and in Tipsy’s case- dynamite food.


You guys really- gotta try The Tipsy Boar…cheeseburger sliders, pizza, duck wings, French fries, pulled pork, blackened mahi mahi- it was all good!

The Tipsy Boar is open 7 days a week noon-2am.

You can check menu/prices/other info at


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