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Williams Candy (Brooklyn, New York)

Posted on January 24th, 2015 · American Desserts Fast Food

***** Williams Candy.

See this joint…it’s right next door to Nathan’s Famous- in Coney Island.

Williams Candy has been in business for over 75 years.

Jeff Eats has been a customer for 61 of those 75 years. Now for sure, my 22 year South Florida residency has hindered my consumption…that said, at least once a year for the past 22 years- I’ve either been to the store, or had stuff “delivered” to me down here in South Florida…so I know, that Williams’ candy apples are amazing, same for its caramel corn, same for its marshmallow balls and sticks.

You want great stuff…just call the number on Williams’ sign- place your order-and Williams will ship-to-you! By the way, the sign and awning aren’t “originals”- 61 years ago Williams didn’t “do” ice cream and the-“thought” of an ATM was something right out of a Buck Roger’s comic book!

You can check Williams’ stuff out at

Trust Jeff Eats when I tell you…off the chart-good! Just watch those front teeth- when you bite into those apples.

Now let me get to this package that I just got!


4 Comments to “Williams Candy (Brooklyn, New York)”

  1. Anthony Franza says...

    I know this place well.
    I grew up in Brooklyn in the 60s and have been to that Nathan’s and Williams numerous times. Williams jelly apples and caramel corn are amazing.

  2. Danny R says...

    There use to be a scooter car ride right next door to Williams. Is it still there?

  3. freddy klein says...

    I didn’t recall the name, but years ago as a kid I use to stop in there after riding the scooter cars on the days we cut school.

  4. AWR says...

    Was there just last week.
    Showing my kids where I was raised.
    Had a candy apple and some caramel corn.
    Great stuff.

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