Festival Flea Market Mall Coupon (Pompano Beach)

Posted on January 23rd, 2015 · American Deals Pompano Beach


* Festival Flea Market Mall Coupon.

Mrs. Jeff Eats needs to buy some cologne-or something!

I printed this coupon out for her and here’s one for you guys.

Such a deal!!! But you can’t use-Festivalue Dollars in the food court…

Finally, did you ever wonder why they call these joints- flea markets?
The first theory, and the one most popular on the Internet, proposes that the term is a direct translation of the French Marché aux Puces, a large, outdoor bazaar in Paris. This original market earned its name from the critter-infested goods it was rumored to sell.

The second theory alleges that the term was coined at a time when the slums and alleys of Paris were demolished and replaced by new construction. The dealers in second-hand goods who lived and worked in these old neighborhoods were forced to flee. The merchants’ new gathering place was referred to as the “flee market,” which later became “flea market.”

The final theory associates the term with New York City’s 18th century Fly Market. Apparently, the Dutch name for the market was vlie, which means valley but is pronounced “flea.”

4 Comments to “Festival Flea Market Mall Coupon (Pompano Beach)”

  1. JoyceEatsBagels says...

    Festival is a terrific flea market.
    Never a problem with finding parking.
    Very we’ll run.
    I use those $s all the time.
    They save you a few bucks which is a nice kicker to shopping there.

  2. TURNER says...

    Printed the coupon.
    Used some of them dollars this pm.
    Saved $1 on a watch battery and $6 on a bottle of cologne.
    Not a bad day’s savings.

  3. carl haizlip says...

    we very much like using the coupons to save money !!!

  4. Samuel Greenwald says...

    where is the nov 2018 festival $20 vouchers

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