Barone’s La Pizzeria (Margate)

Posted on January 20th, 2015 · Italian Margate Pizza

***** Barone’s La Pizzeria.

I’m gonna save you guys the “trouble” of e-mailing me…to find out where Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats are going for Valentines Day-2015…

Just this very minute, I asked Mrs. Jeff Eats to make a reservation at Barone’s La Pizzeria which is one of our favorite mom & pop red sauce South Florida Italian joints.

We “did” Valentines Day-2014 there…and had an absolute blast.

By the way, if some of you guys are like Jeff Eats…Saturday, February 14, 2015! Your welcome!!


Printed down below, is- Barone’s La Pizzeria- Valentines Day’s 2015- “flyer”–Yeah, I caught the spelling errors,,, and some of the text doesn’t make sense… and there is no pricing…hey!- they are Italian restaurant guys- not Jewish Brooklyn lawyers-Capice! All I know, is Barone’s makes great food, has great service, has reasonable prices and its owners are the nicest people going! By the way, I see that falsetto-singer extraordinaire, Michael D’Amore will be performing…the guy absolutely kills!

So, if you want to go out- real easy nothing fancy schmancy- go call Barone’s at (954) 068-4396- find out what the “story” is and if it makes sense to you, make a reservation.

Printed below is Jeff Eats’ Barone’s La Pizzeria review from February 15, 2014.

Looking forward to seeing some of you guys there!


February 15, 2014
***** Barone’s La Pizzeria, 5632 West Sample Road, Margate, Florida 33073 (954) 968-4396.

Call it crazy, but at least once a week -Jeff Eats gets asked among other things-to name his favorite south Florida Italian/pizza joints…very flattering -to think that so many of you guys actually believe that I know what I am talking about…


Way back on June 28, 2010- Jeff Eats “reviewed” Barone’s La Pizzeria…and I gotta tell you, that over the ensuing years, Barone’s has become one of Jeff Eats’ “go to joints.” Personally, I would match Barone’s food/prices/service up-against the best “mom & pop” red sauce players in South Florida.

So…you now know where Jeff Eats goes when he is craving -outstanding New York Style pizza, amazing garlic knots, fabulous minestrone soup, delicious veal marsala—so forth and so on.

One final thought…Barone’s has been around for something like 40 years…that should tell you something!

The original (6/28/10) review is reprinted below.

***** Barone’s La Pizzeria, 5632 West Sample Road, Margate, Florida 33073 (954) 968-4396.
Barone’s La Pizzeria is a “Mom & Pop—red sauce” pizza joint located in Margate.
You can check its menu/prices at

You know and I know that “Mom & Pop” pizza joints are a dime a dozen-down here in old South Florida. I think the way it works…the strip center landlord first signs Publix, then Walgreens, then a Chinese takeout, then a pizza joint, then a dry cleaners…then a —-(you fill in the blanks)….then half of the businesses go bust…

Anyway, the other evening, I gave Barone’s La Pizzeria a shot- and I gotta tell you, the food is real-good. My party did pizza, shrimp scampi, veal parmigiana, meat lasagna, chicken & shrimp alfredo, penne ala vodka—and like I just said, real good.

As you know– over the past few years, old Jeff Eats has eaten-in his fair share of “mom & pop” Italian joints…and, to be perfectly honest with you, most of them barely get the job done, but then again, that’s the nature of the beast…”cheap is cheap”….”you get what you pay for”…”one if by land, 2 if by sea.” Trust me on this one, Barone’s La Pizzeria is REAL GOOD…if you live or work near the joint, I highly recommend that you give it a try.

By the way, Barone’s La Pizzeria is right across Sample Road from the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek and is maybe a 3-minute drive (west) from the Festival Flea Market on Sample Road.

Barone’s La Pizzeria is open Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm and Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm

10 Comments to “Barone’s La Pizzeria (Margate)”

  1. Judy N says...

    Last year it was an open menu. It looks like this year its a fixed menu. D’Amore was great last year.
    See you there.
    I’m calling for reservations.

  2. L. Rappaport says...

    Ate at La Pizzeria last year for Valentine’s Day. Very nice time. Michael D’Amore was singing outside and he is really terrific. Looking forward to doing again this year.

  3. NW says...

    Two couples ate there last night.
    Veal and shrimp parm entrees very good.
    The chicken marsala was lousy. The chicken was mushy and the sauce was as bland as could be.

  4. Brian B says...

    Three couples ate there on Valentine’s Day. Barone’s had both a set menu and its regular menu. We ordered from the general menu. The food was terrific as was the service. We were seated in the back dining room. It was cold out but we did manage to listen to Michael D’Amore who was singing outside for something like 4 songs. The man has a fabulous voice. Everyone had a great time and this was a great pick for Valentine’s Day.

  5. Bobby G says...

    They make a delicious minestrone soup.
    La Pizzeria is way better than all the other red sauce places in the area.
    It is always busy and the staff is great.

  6. Never heard of La Pizzeria till I read your reviews.
    My wife and I ate dinner there last night and I must tell you that the food was as good as you said it was.
    We both had minestrone soup.
    My wife had veal parm entrée and I had veal marsala.
    Everything was very good. The veal marsala was the weakest dish but still very good.
    Their garlic roads were also delicious.

  7. At your suggestion my husband and I ate lunch there yesterday and the food was terrific. Pizza, Mediterranean salad, pasta fagiola soup, veal parm garlic rolls all were
    Thanks for the heads up.

  8. KEN MASTERS says...


  9. Ted Gleason says...

    Hadn’t been there in 18 months. New owners ruined the restaurant.

  10. Ed G says...

    New owners wrecked the joint. Food is lousy.

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