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The Original Popcorn House (Delray Beach)

Posted on January 19th, 2015 · American Delray Beach Desserts Fast Food


***** The Original Popcorn House, 10 Northeast 5th Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33483, (561) 865-7300.

Jeff Eats is mad at The Original Popcorn House!

Yesterday, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats “sampled” a handful of The Original Popcorn House’s gourmet popcorn flavors- and I gotta tell you, delicious top-shelf stuff.

Why am I mad…The Original Popcorn House which opened on December 31, 2014 couldn’t have picked a worse retail location to open in. Look! I’m no Donald Trump but- I do know or at least I think I know, that the side street location adjacent to Atlantic Avenue that its owners “picked”- sucks…sorry to be so blunt, but I can’t for love nor money see how this small retail shop-makes it!

Call it frustration…but it really aggravates me when I see individual-entrepreneurs- with talent and a great product- “bag” themselves…now, unless The Original Popcorn House’s owners – own the building, or their mother/father own the building. or their brother/sister/brother-in law/sister-in law own the building…there in no way in this world that the “block’s” foot traffic can support this business. Nothing for nothing, Jeff Eats was in the store at 3:30pm during a street fair on Atlantic Avenue which must have had 22,000,000 people in the streets- yet this joint had just me and 2-others inside…My mind says, “Just imagine how good business is gonna be, come June, July and August. ”

There is an old Swiss saying- “location, location, location.”

Hopefully, Jeff Eats is dead wrong on this, but I don’t think so!


You now know about a terrific retail gourmet popcorn store…

You can check menu/prices/info at

The joint is open, Tuesday-Sunday 11am-10pm, closed Monday.


22 Comments to “The Original Popcorn House (Delray Beach)”

  1. Jon G says...

    Jeff, I don’t know if this place will make it or not but the side street is US1 which is not just any side street.

  2. RealEstateJim says...

    I work 7 blocks away.
    Know the area like the back of my hand.
    They have absolutely no chance to survive.
    They have a limited concept not to mention they are about 100 feet too far North of Atlantic to draw any meaningful foot traffic.
    Who ever owns this business doesn’t know anything whatsoever about site selection,

    • Popcornlady says...

      Hi Real Estate Jim,

      Thanks for your review. I am actually the owner of the Original Popcorn House and I like to listen to what everyone says about my store. I thank everyone for their positive review on my Gourmet Popcorn products which include multiple flavors of popcorn, salt water taffy and frosted pralines. We also ship anywhere in the US and Canada and we will have a very strong online presence. Now guys/gals, let me assure each person making a reply that I too, unlike you think, did extensive studies of my current location. We discussed extensively the challenges of being 30 feet from Atlantic Avenue. We understand Federal Highway has 44,000 vehicles that pass by daily, we understand that we will need to drive traffic not only to our store, but yo our website and mobile website. We will be bringing our gourmet selections to the customer via beach and hotel deliveries. I am very involved with Realtors, bars, restaurants, event planners, caterers, franchising, Chamber, local events, etc. I am fully aware and understand that we are not a business relying on foot traffic, however I’m in complete disagreement that my business will fail because I’m not on the avenue. What most of the opinions I read always lack is the person behind the business and their drive for success. As a former Chicago realtor I am very aware of how important location is. I also understand that any location with obstacles of any sort have gone on to become major successful corporations. I thank you all for your opinions, and that’s what they all are, but I do ask that you wish us well in our business opposed to being so negative. Negativity in this world has never gotten anyone anywhere. So well wishes would be more appreciated in the future. If you’d like to help us overcome our off the avenue location than I ask that you tell all your friends, family, clients, etc., where we are and how to find us. I thank you in advance for your future well wishes for The Original Popcorn House.

      • RealEstateJim says...

        Wishing you only the best.

        You are fooling yourself as to all the markets you will crack.

        Again lots of luck, because you’re really going to need it.

      • Joey V says...

        Popcorn lady,
        I’ll bet you a $10,000 that you fail.

      • Stu W says...

        The best laid plans of mice and men.

        You have been open 26 days and you don’t yet have a viable website.

        I think that you are in for a shock when you find that all of these contacts you are counting on couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the crap you are selling.

        Soon enough you’ll curse the day that you thought that popcorn was your future.

      • SidRidesABike says...

        Let me ask you something, Delray recently had a 2 day fair with thousands of people 30 feet away from your much business did you do?

        That should tell you that you are in for a real rough ride.

        Jeff got the call right.

        Sorry but you’ll see that real soon.

      • Larry Garcia says...

        You really can’t be serious as to how successful you think this store and business will be.

        I walked past your store yesterday and it is an absolutely horrendous disasterous spot.

        Good luck but I don’t think that you’ll be around for more than 6 months.

  3. AzureGhost says...

    Jeff, I recall you said the same thing about Delray Market place. How’s your crow taste?

    • JeffEats says...


      You obviously haven’t been to the Delray Marketplace lately.

      Vacancies galore.

      Biggest new tenant coming in is Carl’s Patio which should be telling you that top shelf specialty stores won’t go there.

      Next time you are there, check with each store keeper, bet you a buck if they tell you the truth, most are losing their shirts.

      Thanks for reading..,

      • Emerald Green says...

        Jeff, you did say that Delray Market Place would go out of business. In what time frame??

        • JeffEats says...

          Emerald Green:

          Now you don’t want to put words in Jeff Eats’ mouth do ya?

          Where exactly do you see/read that Jeff Eats said that Delray Marketplace would go out of business?

          Thanks for reading…

          Here’s the writeup:

          February 26, 2013
          ***** Delray Marketplace *****

          Finally, Delray Marketplace a 258,000 square foot “center” opened in Delray Beach at the intersection of West Atlantic Avenue and Lyons Road.

          Check for a list of stores/businesses that includes Publix, Frank Theatres CineBowl & Grille, Chico’s, White House/Black Market, Jos. A Bank and Burt & Max’s Grille.

          Here’s a “call” for you guys…the Delray Marketplace will prove to be an absolute “white elephant” and a financial disaster for most of the tenants that took leases.

          Just for starters- stop and think for a second…
          Do we really need another Jos. A Bank men’s clothing store peddling–buy 1 suit and get 3 suits and 9 ties for free?
          Do we really need an upscale candy store named IT’SUGAR where candy sells for “an arm and a leg?”
          Do we really need another White House/Black Market a women’s chain which literally has stores in every major American shopping mall?
          Do we really need another Chico’s a women’s chain which literally has stores in every major American shopping mall?

          Look! Jeff Eats could go on and on–telling you that Delray Marketplace is just like that movie “Groundhog Day”—but I won’t.

          Real simple…America’s retail-space is OVERBUILT. In this particular case, Delray Beach–doesn’t need any new retail businesses. Trust me, every one of its residents has seen it-done it.

          I’m hearing that some “tenants” are paying 50 bucks a square foot…to be part of what will prove to be Armageddon.

          Only time will tell, but my money says that most of Delray Marketplace’s tenants will dread the day that their lawyers said it was “ok” to sign their leases.

          • Emerald Green says...

            Jeff, I truly respect your opinion and believe you have an excellent insite into the business of business. I have owned many shopping centers that have Publix, Sports Authority and most national tenants etc thru the years. I wish I had a piece of Delray Marketplace as I think it has been sucessful for the owners and most of the national/regional tentants will do fine. No one is paying $50 per square, just where do you hear or read that? All the best and know I appreciate your blog, Azure

          • JeffEats says...

            Emerald Green:

            I gotta assume that 3 retailers that I personally spoke to aren’t lying on the rent rate.

            As for the center, national chains often take spots that are absolute losers just for exposure. I’d bet you a lunch that’s the case for most if not all of them in Delray Market Place.

            Thanks for reading…

    • Anthony Franza says...

      You must be smoking something, Delray Marketplace is a disaster area. Just go and count the vacancies.

  4. SidRidesABike says...

    I know exactly where this store is.
    Very bad opening there.
    Popcorn won’t make it through the Summer.

  5. Joe Kramer says...

    I was at the festival on Sunday.
    The store had a girl on the corner of Atlantic handing out samples in a small plastic container, no name on the containers, no coupon, no nothing. I and my wife like almost everyone else took a sample or two and walked on, never even of thought of going down the block to the actual store. It is in a very out of the way spot. Too bad. The samples were good but the store’s location will kill it off.

  6. Young Court says...


  7. Linda says...

    It’s Atlantic Avenue NOT Boulevard.

    • JeffEats says...


      Just seeing if you guys actually read what I write.

      Thanks for reading…

  8. Anthony Franza says...

    A pop corn store off the main drag, what the hell were they thinking?

  9. jessejames says...

    Can’t believe this joint is still open.
    What a piss poor spot.

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