Four Seasons Restaurant (Boca Raton)

Posted on January 18th, 2015 · American Boca Raton French

* Four Seasons Reastaurant.

Jeff Eats recently caught this Four Seasons Restaurant advertisement in the Sun Sentinel.


Nothing for nothing, I’m thinking that this restaurant isn’t “connected” to the Four Seasons Hotels’ chain, nor Manhattan’s legendary The Four Seasons Restaurant, nor Frankie’s singing group…could be wrong, but I don’t think so!

Know absolutely nothing about this new- Four Seasons Restaurant now located in a center along with Home Goods and Marshalls…

Just a drop leery when I see guys using- A NAME LIKE THIS, but that’s just Jeff Eats’ take on things!

We’ll see…


11 Comments to “Four Seasons Restaurant (Boca Raton)”

  1. jp says...

    This place is now occupied by the former owner of St tropez

  2. Sha says...

    Not to mention advertising a “Prefixed” Menu. Seriously?

  3. SidRidesABike says...

    You are beautiful.
    You know bs when you read it.
    This Four Seasons is going to be a mess.

  4. wendy says...

    The crispy half duck was delish!It delivered.
    generous portions on the prefix.
    sorry to diasappoint this little gem is a great find.

  5. Lisa says...

    The Chilean seabass was a special prefix at 26.95. It was delicious. Split pea soup was good. Service slow.

  6. Mike says...

    noisey couldn’t even hear our server. salad was warm and tasted like it was sitting in a warm kitchen. only house wine by the glass which was warm and tasted awful . A/C was broke so it was a little uncomfortable being it was like 90 degrees outside.I asked for rare steak which came out medium, it must have been sitting under a warming tray for a while before it came out, Duck was very good and the same for the veal. As for the resturant it seamed to attract a older crowd for the pre fix diner Will not go back.

  7. Deanna says...

    We had dinner there 2 weeks ago. Everything was delicious. We had the duck L’orange, and
    it was the best I’ve ever had. Great experience.
    As a matter of fact, we are going there for dinner tonight.

  8. Gene says...

    Welcome. To Boca Raton!
    When you go out here,you’ll see older people…Don’t fault a restaurant for that….
    If you like to see young people, go to Fort Lauderdale. ..

  9. David Rudman says...

    I have lived in south Florida for 21 years, and I can honestly say the experience we had last night was one to behold.
    The noise was such that we could not talk to each other,( 6 of us), we could not hear or converse with the waiter.
    The steak was tough,3 of us had steak, the salad wilted, vegies dried out, and may I say it was the worst meal I have had since moving to Florida.
    Suffice to say we will NOT be returning and will tell as many people as we know
    about our experience.

  10. lutringer says...

    Hello jeff,you don t know much about food like you pretend,i had dinner there 5 times during my vacation,always very nice,sevice etc…by the way i have been a chef for 50 years in nice france

    • Jeff Eats says...


      Good thing you’re a chef and not a school teacher- because you obviously don’t know how to read.

      Where in my “story” do I make even one comment about the joint’s food or service? Go check, but I assure you, you won’t find one.

      As for your being a chef for 50 years, trust me, that doesn’t mean that you know a damn thing about what good food is all about.

      Thanks for reading…

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