Rolling Stones Tribute The U.S. Stones Play The Hits Live (Jazziz Nightlife- Boca Raton)

Posted on January 6th, 2015 · Boca Raton Deals Music/Events/Other

* Rolling Stones Tribute The U.S. Stones Play The Hits Live.

This is a personal note to the folks- who own Jazziz Nightlife ( in Boca Raton…

This morning…

Jeff Eats “got” the below offer- for The U.S. Stones’ Sunday- January 18, 2015 at 7:30pm appearance.


Do you guys honestly believe- that the “demand” to see Florida based TRIBUTE BAND-The U.S. Stones is so huge- that you can charge 50 bucks or even 25 bucks a head? If you do, Jeff Eats got a Bridge in Brooklyn that I’d like to sell you!- I’ll bet you a buck, that you ain’t gonna be happy campers with the “paying” turnout on this event.

Like I said 2.1 seconds ago, The U.S. Stones- is a TRIBUTE BAND- better you should have “them” for FREE and make your money at the bar…or maybe charge “something to get in” and throw a couple of drinks or some type of food-into the mix!

Just for the record, Jeff Eats isn’t picking on The U.S. Stones- they are a good act, the picking is directed at Jazziz Nightlife for trying to make something- out of basically nothing!


Jeff Eats knows that your Mizner Park location- means a killer overhead- but trust me, bringing in tribute acts like this and TRYING TO CHARGE THE NUMBERS ADVERTISED tells me that Jazziz’s future_______________ (I’ll let you guys fill in the blanks).
 JAZZIZ Nightlife, (201 Plaza Real Boca Raton, FL 33432)


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You can’t always get what you want, but if you’re looking for a show that recreates the high-energy fun of a vintage Rolling Stones concert, tribute band The U.S. Stones is ready to bring their best Jagger moves and Keef guitar licks to JAZZIZ Nightlife in Miami. The U.S. Stones is an electrifying eight-piece band boasting a young, in-his-prime Mick Jagger and a Ronnie Wood double that promises to get you on your feet. Hit after Rolling Stones hit, the group will bring the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band of all time to life on stage, complete with all the dance moves, authentic equipment and outfits. The U.S. Stones have played large festivals and great venues from New York to Florida, and know how to start up a crowd and leave Stones fans smiling in satisfaction.
* Additional fees apply.

19 Comments to “Rolling Stones Tribute The U.S. Stones Play The Hits Live (Jazziz Nightlife- Boca Raton)”


    JAZZIZ is a total disaster.
    The doctors who own it have absolutely no idea as to how to run a restaurant.
    The physical layout for shows sucks.
    The price structure to see shows is absurd.
    The food is fair.
    The service sucks.
    This is a disaster that will soon end.
    On the Stones show. This band is okay. Bands like this are a dime a dozen here in Florida. You can see bands like this in bars and public parks for free almost on a daily basis.
    $50 for this band is comical as is $25.
    You are right, put the band in for free, get the crowd, make the money at the bar.
    The problem that I see is that Jazziz probably so overpays for bands that it can’t really do that.
    Doctors should stay in the doctor business.

  2. SidRidesABike says...

    The article that you wrote before this one was about a free casino show starring The Jefferson Starship. That article should be telling Jazziz that tribute bands at 50 a pop make no sense.

  3. Tony Too says...

    Not doubt in mind that JAZZIZ won’t be in business for too much longer.I have been in and out of the restaurant, bar, club business for over 40 years. The joint’s layout is HORRENDOUS.
    The noise level is HORRENDOUS.The food is average at best. The staff is a bunch of amateurs. The price points are way too high. Their rent is way too high. The owners are really investors who have no clue as to what to do. Unless the investors are prepared to keep this Titantic a float.
    It will be over very shortly..

  4. Jeff, I just went to Jazziz site. General Admission tickets are being sold for $50. Are they crazy or what? Bands like US Stones are tribute bands they don’t make dick. I’d be shocked to find that these guys are getting even $1500 for the gig. Ive been to Jazziz twice and wasnt impressed. There is something very wrong in the way that it is being run. The two times that I was there once for Starship and the other time for Solid Brass it was total confusion on seating and the sound is dismal. Nice looking place but it can’t last with customers being ripped off and not being happy.

  5. Jerry G says...

    I live in Boca.
    I can’t believe that Jazziz has even lasted this long.
    I was there one time and couldn’t believe how badly I was treated with a GA ticket.
    Every time I’m in Mizner I look in Jazziz and most of the time it’s empty.
    Trying to get $50 for some bs tribute band is absurd.
    Jazziz won’t be around for too much longer.

  6. KSR says...

    It’s already on GoldStar because nobody in their right mind would pay $50 to go see this. They’ll soon learn that nobody in their right mind would pay $25 to go and see this.

    I give them another 6 months and they’ll be closed.

    Total wreck of an operation.

  7. 50 bucks for this.
    I’ll say no more.

  8. KSR says...

    This morning on they are now advertising DREAMS a Fleetwood Mac tribute band also for 25 bucks on 2/8/15. Tickets are priced at $50 and has them for $25.
    These guys are nuts with their pricing.

    • JoyceEatsBagels says... now has them for $12.50.
      Jazziz is so screwed up.

  9. MickJagger says...

    Satisfaction one of America’s top Stones tribute bands is playing the Wellington Amphitheater 2/27/15 for free.

    Jazziz what the hell are you thinking?

  10. JAZZIZ must be losing money like crazy. I ate dinner there one time and the food was fair at best. There was some cover band playing that no one could really give a rat’s ass about. The sight lines to the stage were disasterous and the service was a massive ball of confusion.
    They overcharge for name performers and now they want you to pay to see TRIBUTE bands. For crying out loud you can see all the tribute bands you want for free in the bars in S. Florida.
    Throw in a huge rent and I’ll bet you JAZZIZ closes soon.
    The owners really have no idea as to how to run a restaurant night club.

  11. SidRidesABike says...

    I’m laughing my ass off.
    Jazziz has 2 tribute acts coming in, The Jersey Wiseguys and The Blues Brothers Soul Band. Jazziz is charging 20 bucks GA. You can see either band all you want for NOTHING as they both play all over south Florida. I recently saw The Jersey Wiseguys at Meatball Room in Boca for zip and then saw them again for zip at NYY in Coconut Creek. The Blues Brothers are playing Wellington Amphitheather, in February for nothing. The people who own Jazziz must be nuts thinking that people are going to pay to see local tribute bands.

    • ZED says...

      I just got a email for Dreams a tribute to Fleetwood Mac at Jazziz for 12.50. Last week it was a $50 ticket for $25. Jazziz is weak here.

  12. Mickie Carbo says...

    Why would I agree to pay Jazziz to see The Blues Brothers Soul Band when they are FREE at Wellington Amphitheater?

    • JD CARTER says...

      You wouldn’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      That’s why this joint is going to go bust.
      The food is crap.
      The service is horrendous.
      They want you to pay to see bands that are free elsewhere.
      Great business plan.
      Just a matter of time until the investors say time to pull the plug.
      What a mismanaged fiasco.

  13. Little Riley says...

    They got The Blues Bros Band and The Jersey Wiseguys coming. You can see both bands all over South Florida for nothing yet Jazziz wants you to pay to see them. Jazziz will soon be history.

  14. zelk says...

    Now they are doing a Beatles show with a charge.
    No doubt about it, this joint is going to be out of business very shortly.
    You LET PEOPLE IN FOR FREE and sell booze and food.
    The Beatles band you got, if they get $800 its a lot.

  15. Robin says...

    Not every band is a dime a dozen. And the US Stones plays all over the country. Please be respectful in the comments about this band they work very hard at being a GREAT Stones band. Their Ron Wood look alike really looks like him and plays fantastic. This band puts in the time to make it a great show. They are not a bar band, by any means… So if you ever get the chance to see them for free at a concert hall or venue please go you won’t be disappointed.

  16. Carson H says...


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