Lavell Crawford (Palm Beach Improv- West Palm Beach)

Posted on January 5th, 2015 · American Music/Events/Other West Palm Beach

* Lavell Crawford.

One of the hippest-funniest comedians currently working the comedy club/casino/event circuit.

Crawford works “blue”- but trust Jeff Eats, unless you’re a- nun-or something, you’ll be able to handle him. Crawford always has a “twinkle” in his eyes-that tell- you that he’s just playing with you…by the way, no insult intended to Jeff Eats’ readers who just happen to be nuns!

Lavell Crawford is scheduled to appear at the Palm Beach Improv, Januray 9-11, 2015. You can catch tickets at

Guaranteed this is a SRO thing! This guy is huge (pun intended).


4 Comments to “Lavell Crawford (Palm Beach Improv- West Palm Beach)”

  1. ZED says...

    Just curious how many nuns do you figure actually read

    • JeffEats says...


      I’m thinking something like 1,287 a month.

      Thanks for reading…

  2. Emerald Green says...

    My guess is 666 nuns read this blog…

  3. ken w says...

    Lavell played Sal’s security guy on the show Breaking Bad.

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