Frankie Valli (Hard Rock Live- Hollywood)

Posted on January 1st, 2015 · Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Music/Events/Other


* Frankie Valli.

Recent e-mail from reader Allie H…


My mom and dad are celebrating their 40th anniversary next month. My dad is 67 and my mom is 64.

My husband and I were thinking of buying 4 tickets to see Frankie Valli who is playing the Hard Rock on 1/30/15 and dinner as a present.

They have been big Four Season’s fans for years, have never seen Valli in a live performance and loved the Jersey Boys’ show and movie.

What do you think?

Allie H:

First congrats to your parents.

To be perfectly honest with you, today’s Frankie Valli literally can’t sing a note. Trust Jeff Eats when I tell you, his once great- voice is now TOTALLY SHOT!

Personally, I wouldn’t waste my money on tickets. I really think that you and your parents would be very disappointed!

Based on their ages…How about buying tickets instead- for Motown The Musical-which is currently set for a 2/24/15-3/8/2015 run at the Broward Center For The Performing Arts?

Hope this all helps!

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  1. Myron D says...

    Saw him in early 2014 and he was terrible. The voice is gone.

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