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Posted on December 31st, 2014 · American Breakfast Fast Food Music/Events/Other Subs/Salads



As the late Sy Syms use to say…”An educated consumer is our best customer”…

With that in mind, Jeff Eats’ best readers are you-guys who “know” what makes a joint (and I don’t mean that kinda joint) great! Between you and me, I can only fool you guys for just so long, if you know what “you” are talking about! Truthfully, Jeff Eats would rather have smart-readers than a bunch of lemmings reading my words of wisdom!

In 2015, Jeff Eats will do his best to find some real-cool joints for you guys to try…I already got a list of “to try” joints set-to go for 2015.

Anyway, kill some time and…

Take a look at this convenience store chain-WAWA (

Really don’t know too much about it, but from what I hear-it currently has close to 800 gas/convenience store outlets along the eastern seaboard- (a whole bunch in Orlando/Tampa area) and that its stores make/have amazing- FOOD!!!! Now you and I both know, that “convenience” store food is usually a bunch of CRAP-that you buy when you are DESPERATE, HUNG OVER- or stuck travelling on some highway! Long story short, guys that Jeff Eats knows and trusts tell me, that Wawa has amazing subs, salads, soups, sushi (go figure!), coffee and other takeout stuff. Now nothing for nothing, when these guys “rated” Wawa’s food as being as-good as some of the stuff served-up by my favorite joints…I figured Wawa was a joint- I gotta follow- and maybe you should too!

Like I said a few seconds ago, don’t know all that much about the chain, but I’m also hearing that WAWA has MAJOR EXPANSION PLANS that include South Florida.

This should- be a real interesting story to follow.

To paraphrase Sy Syms…”The best Jeff Eats’ reader is an educated reader.”

Happy New Year and I’ll catch all of you guys in 2015!

6 Comments to “WAWA”

  1. PC says...

    I know there are lots of folks who love Wawa subs. Is it as good as V&S or other local heavy weights? I’d say no…

    But when you compare to Jersey Mikes, Jimmy Johns, Subway etc.. It’s way better.

    Their ordering system is pretty cool. Order on a touch pad kiosk picking sandwich, toppings, add ons. Then pay at register and pick up your sub.

  2. Jon G says...

    Thanks for the great reviews Jeff.

    You and the rest of the Jeff Eats’ family have a Very Happy New Year!

  3. JeffEats says...

    Jon G:

    Thanks for the kind comments.

    Happy New Year.

    Really appreciate your great picks.

    Thanks for reading…

  4. Marsha says...

    Hey Jeff…I enjoy the blog a bunch but pardon a jersey girl’s question… ” nothing for nothing” …you use this expression all the time. In my many years, I’ve never heard this…what does it mean??
    Thanks for all the good info and happy new year to you and Mrs Jeffeats.

    • JeffEats says...


      Happy New Year.

      Nothing for nothing, really means nothing.

      Thanks for reading…

  5. CHARLES says...

    JEFF –
    Companies spend millions of dollars for logos and corporate names – Do you think these guys spent a dollar for their upscale sounding name ?

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