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Posted on December 26th, 2014 · Hotels/Motels/Resorts Music/Events/Other

* Theme Cruise Finder.

First things first, I’m gonna assume that you guys know what a theme-cruise is…Good!

Thought I’d pass this site- onto you guys.

The other day, Jeff Eats was “thinking” of booking a- 1950s-1960s Rock N Roll oldies theme cruise. During my “internet search” I came across Theme Cruise Finder- a site that lists/and has info- literally on hundreds of up-coming theme-cruises.

I’m still working on my cruise and I should be making a decision sometime in the next 10 days- Like I said 2.1 seconds ago, has lists/info on all kinds of theme cruises-and you now know what Jeff Eats does in his spare time!

Theme Cruise Finder – Over 500 Theme Cruises Currently Listed…
Welcome to Theme Cruise Finder, the first and only comprehensive searchable theme cruise web portal available on the internet. Our goal with this site is twofold. First to provide vacationers a place to search for one-of-a-kind theme cruise vacations. Second, and just as important, to allow travel agencies and theme cruise providers a venue to showcase all of the myriad theme cruises. The goal at Theme Cruise Finder is to provide a search tool where the vacationer has easy access to both private and cruise line theme cruises, which they may have not been able to find any other way.

About Theme Cruise Finder…
Theme Cruise Finder…Theme Cruise Center
Theme cruising has developed as a way to bring together people who share common interests, hobbies and passions to share and enjoy theme cruise experiences which are all but impossible to duplicate on shore.
From the Theme Cruise Finder home page, you can search for different types of theme cruises by category. If you have something very specific in mind, try the advanced search function to narrow down the range of cruises you have in mind.
Theme Cruise Finder is here for the traveling public and its sole purpose is to bring together those who have offered a theme cruise with those who might be interested in joining a theme cruise.
Theme cruises run the gamut from political theme cruise, to Kosher theme cruise, to singles theme cruise to poker theme cruise to music theme cruise.
The popularity of cruising has continued to spread across the entire demographic spectrum. There truly is a cruise line or itinerary for most everyone.

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  1. Young Court says...

    I and my wife love cruises. We have been on three Malt Shoppe Memories cruises and the oldies stars have all been terrific. These cruises are the best bang for the buck.

  2. marie says...

    I am looking for a cruise with a country and western theme for 14days orlando and the bahamas or either
    086 4007695

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