Isle Casino Racing (Pompano Beach)

Posted on December 26th, 2014 · Hotels/Motels/Resorts Music/Events/Other Pompano Beach


* Isle Casino Racing.

The Isle Casino Racing’s website- ( describes its Pompano Beach facility/operation this way…

“Welcome to IsleĀ® Casino Racing in Pompano Beach, Florida, featuring 1,500 slots, 38 poker tables, six restaurants, harness racing, and live entertainment 7 days a week. We are a state of the art gaming and entertainment destination with the amenities and services you are looking for in a smoke-free environment, just minutes from the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and only 20 minutes from North Miami”

Long story short,

Based on the way that Jeff Eats was “treated” or shall I say “not treated” by the Isle Casino Racing- it has to be one of the most mismanaged business-facilities that I have ever dealt with.

Now you and I know that Comcast takes the cake when it comes to horrendous customer/service…that said, this Isle Casino Racing isn’t too far behind.

Over the past 4- weeks Jeff Eats has personally sent 4 e-mails to the facility, left 2-phone-voice messages at the facility, had 3 conversations with Isle of Capri Casinos Inc. (it owns Isle Casino Racing) “main-corporate switchboard” and not ONE-SINGLE MESSAGE THAT WAS LEFT- EVER RECEIVED THE COURTESY OF A REPLY. Jeff Eats’ inquiries concerned “getting” information about food/beverage/operations for a contemplated story on the casino/facility.

I got no idea as to who the GM of this disaster is, but he/she is either a huge loser, or is secretly working for the Seminole Tribe, or has got a bunch of slackers- working for him/her, who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the Company- or how their GM looks!

I don’t care if it’s Jeff Eats or Monkey Sees-Monkey Does writing/calling, you respond to e-mails and return phone messages, when you’re in BUSINESS!

Finally, if you think that Jeff Eats is making a big deal out of nothing…to prove my point- Just call Isle’s local number (954-642-0325) and see how your “inquiry” is handled by the operator who answers. I also called that number 4-times and you would have thought that I had asked that person(s) How To Cure Cancer- when all I was looking to “have” done was to be connected to the GM’s Office or the Marketing Department!

Betcha, if Isle Casino Racing wasn’t a non-smoking joint-it would be empty!

6 Comments to “Isle Casino Racing (Pompano Beach)”

  1. Young Court says...

    I play heavy poker there at least twice a week. Asked for a couple of David Cassidy tickets and was given the run around by the pit boss and never saw them. The Indians know how to run a casino.

  2. SidRidesABus says...

    Love the Seminole Tribe bit, very clever.

  3. TURNER says...

    It’s the NON SMOKING.
    Other than that, really nothing too exciting going on there.

  4. Young Court says...

    Love love love that Seminole Tribe line.

  5. SidRidesABike says...

    Did you ever hear anything back from the ISLE?

    • JeffEats says...


      Absolutely nothing.

      Thanks for reading…

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