Joker’s Wild 2015 Comedy Series (Mardi Gras Casino-Hallandale Beach)

Posted on December 22nd, 2014 · Hallandale Beach Mediterranean/Greek

* Joker’s Wild 2015 Comedy Series.

Jeff Eats has seen all 7-comedians scheduled to appear in this year’s Comedy Series…trust me, they are all-real funny!

If the truth be told, I’ve seen Bobby Collins-5 times…and Bob Nelson 3 times. Absolutely love these guys- they just know how to crack-me-up.

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats (as my Great Aunt Alva use to say- “God be willing”) are planning on catching all 3-shows.

You can catch tickets at

For what it’s worth, every so often “folks” like GROUPON.COM, GOLDSTAR.COM, LIVINGSOCIAL.COM run ticket-deals on- shows-just like these. Now, not talking out of school or nothing, but just maybe-not being the “early-bird catches the first worm” here-may work to your advantage, if you get my drift!


2 Comments to “Joker’s Wild 2015 Comedy Series (Mardi Gras Casino-Hallandale Beach)”

  1. raymond says...

    ive seen collins twice. he is terrific.

  2. Young Court says...

    I have seen Bobby Collins 2 times. Once at my CC in Boca Raton and once at a comedy Club in Boca Raton. The shows were 2 years apart. He did almost the exact same act both times. He is funny but he has to get new material.

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