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The Festival of Chocolate (Miami Auto Museum- Miami)

Posted on December 20th, 2014 · American Desserts Fast Food Miami

* The Festival of Chocolate.

Jeff Eats has recently- been hearing that eating chocolate is a very healthy thing to do…Nothing for nothing, but I knew way back when that my mother was dead wrong…


Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats plan to be at The Festival of Chocolate…Gonna be plenty of samples to try and stuff for us to buy- as we do our best to stay healthy in 2015.

You can catch tickets at

Now you guys know and I know that there are only 3- things certain in life…death, taxes and when you buy a stock the next tick is down- so just in case Mom Jeff Eats was right- I just picked-up a large tube of Clearasil at Walgreens!

By the way, for you guys way north- of Miami, Orlando and Tampa will be holding their own -The Festival of Chocolate(s) later in the year…So everybody can be healthy!


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