Getting Some Gas!

Posted on December 17th, 2014 · Music/Events/Other


* Getting Some Gas!

Yesterday, Jeff Eats overheard- Mrs. Jeff Eats talking to her friend Debbie on the phone…the gist of the conservation, the fact that Mrs. Jeff Eats had just paid $2.459 for a gallon of regular gas at a Walmart in Delray Beach. No fooling here, from the tone of the conversation, you would have sworn that the woman had just found The Fountain Of Youth, not to mention The Cure For Cancer!

Now, this phone conversation got me to thinking…

When I was a kid growing up in Brooklyn in the 1950s-1960s- I can’t recall even one time- my father or for that matter my mother- shopping for gas based on price…they either bought Texaco or Amoco and that was that…

Today, unless I’m sadly mistaken… Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats and everyone that I know, ONLY BUY GAS based on price. Name brands mean absolutely nothing. For love or money- Jeff Eats can’t recall the last time that someone said to me…”I’m going over to the “Mobil”- “Sunoco”- “Texaco”- “Amoco” station to fill-up…Now, it’s- I’m going to Costco, Walmart…The crazy part of the story, is when you really think about it- “we” really are – “still” buying name brands-they are just named Walmart and Costco…

Just so we are straight, Jeff Eats knows that not everybody-buys at Costco and Walmart-I’m just making conversation…that said, if you were right next to a BP Amoco station selling gas for $2.459 and right across the street a RaceTrac was getting $2.449 a gallon-(be honest now)-you’d swing the car into the RaceTrac, wouldn’t you!

Like I said 4.5 seconds ago, today- BRANDS mean nothing…PRICE IS THE ONLY GAME!

Just amazing how Getting Some Gas–has changed!

One final thought… “regular” gas here in Palm Beach County is currently running something like $2.46 a gallon-what’s with the stations that I see here and there (and I’m sure you’ve seen them too) that are looking for $3.30+ a gallon?

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  1. SidRidesABike says...

    Just paid $2.379 at Walmart in Delray for 87.
    Saw a station later in Boca that was getting $3.379 cash for 87.

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