Doors Alive (Meatball Room- Boca Raton)

Posted on December 17th, 2014 · Boca Raton Italian Music/Events/Other Pizza

* Doors Alive.

Jeff Eats has seen this South Florida based- Doors’ tribute band…you’ll enjoy them!

Now, you know and I know, that there was/is (for those of you who think that he’s still alive) only one Jim Morrison…but like I just said, you’ll enjoy these guys. By the way, Doors Alive- there were only 4 Doors- Morrison/Manzarek/Densmore/Krieger and you are 5 Doors, but who’s counting?

Free show, terrific outdoor patio, good food, well stocked bar- and if the weather cooperates what’s bad! Keep in mind, that although Meatball Room stages the show, you are under no obligation to eat/drink there…but we all know that Meatball Room’s ultimate goal is for you to spend some cash at its restaurant.

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  1. KSR says...

    Kind of a limited playlist don’t you think?

    • JeffEats says...


      If I recall correctly The Doors put out 7 albums.

      No question, 3 hours of tribute maybe stretching it a bit…but no one said that you have to sit there for all 3-hours, did they?

      Thanks for reading…

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