Life In Color Festival (Sun Life Stadium- Miami)

Posted on December 12th, 2014 · Deals Miami Music/Events/Other

* Life In Color Festival.

Jeff Eats seriously doubts that there is a college kid in America- that doesn’t know what the LIFE IN COLOR FESTIVAL is all about…them-trying to explain to you what Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is-would be-like what I went through trying to explain The Beatles to my parents… and many of you trying to explain Elvis to your parents.

All I know- is that this 2-day festival (per Son Jeff Eats) is going to draw something like 60,000 people, the “acts” appearing are incredible and that Groupon ( is currently running a “deal” on 2-day Life In Color tickets.

The beautiful thing about this EDM-stuff, 15 years from now- these college kids’ kids will be trying to explain to “them” the latest music-scene. Remember the old South Korean saying… “What goes around, comes around.”


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