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If you like THE FOUR SEASONS- and I don’t mean Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring…you’ll like- the JERSEY WiSEGUYS.

Jeff Eats has seen this- South Florida based The Four Seasons’ “tribute” band and it is real-strong. In addition to great Seasons’ covers, the 5-member band has a playlist of 50s, 60s, 70s hits that makes it more than a 1-trick pony!

You can checkout the band for yourself at…

Free Outdoor Concert on 12/15/14…Meatball Room usually starts its shows around 8pm!

Just so you know how Meatball Room works its FREE CONCERTS…the shows are held on a large outdoor patio which is adjacent to the restaurant. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO EAT, DRINK, BUY- ANYTHING to watch the show…of course, Meatball Room is “hoping” that you sit at one of its outdoor tables or outdoor bar and “order”-but like I just said, you don’t have to EAT, DRINK, BUY- ANYTHING to watch the show.


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  1. Steve L. says...

    Meatball gives you a great deal with these free shows.
    Grab a table outside, order up some food and sit back and enjoy the show.
    The bands are usually on for 3 hours.
    I love Meatball Room’s veal parm and my wife really enjoys its chicken scarpariello. We split a caprese salad and we are good to go. No more expensive than most of the neighborhood joints and you get a night of entertainment thrown into the mix for nothing.

  2. CBT says...

    Watched the band’s videos. They are very good.

    • JeffEats says...


      I know, that’s why I recommended that you guys go see them-live!

      Thanks for reading…

  3. NW (Delray) says...

    Saw the band last night and they put on quite a show. The outdoor area was jammed. My wife and I ate dinner. I had meatballs and she ate veal parm. Food was very good.

  4. daw26 says...

    Wife and I sat at the bar and watched the band. Terrific recommendation.

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