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Pomperdale New York Style Deli (Fort Lauderdale)

Posted on November 26th, 2014 · American Breakfast Delicatessen Fast Food Fort Lauderdale

***** Pomperdale New York Style Deli, 3055 East Commercial Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308, (954) 771-9830.

A recent e-mail from Allison…

My husband and I recently (May) moved to Fort Lauderdale. Both of us come out of your old stumping grounds, Brooklyn, New York. We are both in our late 60s. We did make a 23 year stop in Westbury before permanently moving here. We found Jeff Eats purely by accident while searching for various restaurants on the internet. Your reviews pop up all over the place that we couldn’t resist seeing what you had to say. By the way a number of restaurants use your reviews on their websites. Of the five restaurants that we have tried so far, we found that your taste and ours are pretty similar. The ones we thought were perfect were Franco & Vinny’s, Villa Rose, La Veranda and Rainbow Palace. We didn’t think too much of Burger & Suds. Got a request, what’s a really good NYC kosher style deli in the East Fort Lauderdale area? We’ve eaten in a number of bagel joints but we are really looking for terrific food not bagel store level quality. I know that you can appreciate what I’m looking for here.


Checkout Jeff Eats’–6/18/08 Pomperdale New York Style Deli story reprinted below.

The Pomperdale New York Style Deli has been around since 1969…I’m thinking- that you and the Mister will really enjoy this order-at-the-counter joint.

Thanks for reading…


***** Pomperdale New York Style Deli, 3055 East Commercial Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308, (954) 771-9830.

The Pomperdale Deli has been in business for nearly 40 years. I found this joint about 16 years ago and have probably eaten lunch there ar least 50 times.

If you like good…no make that great deli and appetizing…then this joint is for you. No waiters…order at the counter…No checks, just tell the guy at the register what you had.

This is probably the best “kosher style” deli in South Florida. As a matter of fact, it may very well be the best deli in Florida. The food is absolutely terrific. This joint is open 7 days a week…Monday-Saturday 6am-5pm and Sunday 6am-3pm.

Don’t miss this joint…it is a one of a kind.

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  1. Fred F says...

    Been eating there for years. After Larry died a few years ago, the new owner didn’t quite keep up the great quality, Pleased to report that I was in there 2 weeks ago and the food and everything else is right back up to the Larry Days.

  2. Abramowitz1946 says...

    Only south Florida delis to eat in, Pomperdale, Ben’s and Zunger’s.

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