Merlino’s (Boca Raton)

Posted on November 19th, 2014 · Boca Raton Italian


* Merlino’s.

During the past 2-weeks or so, Jeff Eats received 4- emails about Merlino’s an “upscale” Italian joint – which opened-November 7th in Boca Raton.

Merlino’s is located at 39 Southeast 1st Avenue, Boca Raton, Florida 33432, (561) 756-8437.

Just so you know, like Jeff Eats- the folks that wrote- have not yet eaten there…just inquiring-minds!

Long story short, Jeff Eats knows the location- as the spot at one time or another- has been the home to a number of Italian restaurants… including Matteo’s (which moved to much larger- Boca Raton quarters) and Capri Ristorante which went into the old crapper…

Doing a drop of- GOOGLING HERE…Merlino’s is going to be serving up Philly-Style Italian Food…

From what I gather, Merlino’s has already generated a ton of “talk” and “press”-centering around alleged-former Philly Mob Boss and current Boca Raton resident–Joey Merlino’s- involvement with the joint. What Mr. Merlino’s role if any is, you got Jeff Eats there! Now, if I was a betting man, I’d say that a smart guy like- Joey Merlino probably has nothing to do with Merlino’s -because if he did, I’m thinking he would have invited Jeff Eats to either the pre-opening “Friends & Family” that was held on November 6th, or the “Press Sneak-Peek” on November 4th–because I got thousands of readers who just might be interested in hearing about how good (or for that matter how bad) a new-upscale Italian restaurant in Boca Raton is…but Jeff Eats didn’t- so you guys now know as much as I do about Merlino’s.


If you are so inclined- Google- Joey Merlino, you’ll find plenty of stuff on the guy…that said, Jeff Eats learned a long time ago, to never ever believe everything that you read!

You can also check Merlino’s menu/prices/info at

27 Comments to “Merlino’s (Boca Raton)”

  1. KSR says...

    Merlino’s didn’t get its name from thumbing through the phonebook.
    Looked at its Facebook page and it looks like a load of food bloggers and reviewers got a free ride before it opened. NOT ONE NEGATTIVE REVIEW.
    No ifs and buts Jeff Eats should have been at one of those events. Its loss on not having a straight shooter take a look and taste.

    • john wright says...

      Yes Jeff Eats would give an honest review. Those others were invited because giving a review of “hey skinny Joey your food and place sucks” would cause them to stain their underwear.

  2. GAW says...

    Ate there Monday night. Food is okay but nothing mind blowing.

    • john wright says...

      Mind blowing, that’s a good one. Either you like the food or your brains end up all over the menu.

  3. john wright says...

    I guess they make food you can’t refuse.

  4. Eddie G says...

    Merlino must have something to do with the joint as he was having the bartender take care of me the other night.

  5. ZED says...

    Just smiling.
    The readers here obviously don’t know about your family tree.
    No ifs and or buts, but your Merlino’s review would have been exactly as you found it to be.

  6. Dommer says...

    You’re eating in Merlino’s.
    Joey Merlino is sitting at the bar.
    Some guys come in and decide to whack him.
    Do you want to take the chance of becoming a casualty?

  7. JeffEats says...


    A bit over dramatic don’t you think?

    Thanks for reading…

  8. ALEX says...

    Just curious.
    With the back story to this new restaurant how come there is very little talk about it where I live? Not mentioning the particular country club where I live but usually when a restaurant good or bad opens there is a buzz one way about it in the community. Haven’t heard one thing about this one.

    • LODI says...

      I just looked and YELP has 1 Review which was just put up today, Kind of quiet for a new upscale restaurant which has been open over 2 weeks. Go figure.

    • JeffEats says...


      Merlino’s opened on 11/7/14. Since that date, Jeff Eats has heard from only one person who has eaten there. That individual thought that the joint was great looking and that the food was just-okay.

      To be perfectly honest with you, pre-opening I heard virtually nothing (other than 4 e-mails) and post-opening other than what I mentioned above, have heard absolutely nothing about the restaurant.

      Thanks for reading…

  9. TURNER says...

    Just read that silly blogger’s writeup featured on Merlino’s site. She writes like a child and seems to be impressed with the fact that she ate for free.

    I’m planning on eating there after the Thanksgiving holiday. I’ll keep you posted.

    • TURNER says...

      Ate there.
      Food was fair.
      Prices on the high side.
      Won’t be running back too soon.

  10. Mr. Klein says...

    Other than reading about Merlino’s here I have heard absolutely nothing about it.
    I am quite active at our Club and usually a new opening in Boca Raton gets some chatter going.
    Very surprising.

  11. Jeff, here’s a review for you.
    Ate there 2 nights ago.
    Service is slow and sloppy.
    Wife had a grilled veal chop which was a fatty piece of garbage. My chicken cacciatore was an off the bone tasteless mess.
    Won’t be back to this overpriced restaurant.

  12. Joey Bosco says...

    Another Boca spot where people think its in to go to.
    Food the other night, decent.
    Service decent.
    Noise level out of control.
    Crowd, a bunch of wannabes.
    Prices very high.

  13. SidRidesABike says...

    A week or two ago the Sun Sentinel gave the joint 3 stars which means GOOD. When you read the review Merlino’s didn’t sound too good to me. I think that the critic just gave it 3 stars to play it safe.

    • JoyceEatsBagels says...

      I got the same impression. Three stars just to play it safe.

  14. Jean says...

    From: Jean
    Subject: Restaurant from the late 1980s

    Message Body:

    I’m trying to find the name of a restaurant that opened on Powerline Road in
    Boca around the late 1980s, early 1990s. It was a stand alone restaurant (kind
    of next to Khakis but not in the same shopping center) and it was rumored to be
    owned by a mobster.

    • JeffEats says...


      If memory serves me correctly, I believe it was Khaki’s and the GM was Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal. De Niro’s Casino part- was based on Rosenthal’s life story.

      Thanks for reading…

    • Michellina says...

      It was Croc’s and it is now Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.

      • JeffEats says...


        You are right it was Croc’s.

        Thanks for reading…

        • jean says...

          Jeff: That definitely sounds familiar. I think that may be it! Croc’s was located on Powerline Road. I looked it up and see it is now closed. They opened one in Jupiter, I see. Wow, thanks a lot for the research. I wish I had your job!

  15. Joey T says...

    Ate there. It sucks. Over priced. Food stinks. Noisy as all hell.
    What a fraud.,
    Won’t be around for too much longer.

  16. Tony D says...

    Bad news.
    Food stinks, Noise level beyond belief.

  17. Sandy Fabiano says...

    Closed for the Summer.
    Betcha it doesn’t reopen in the Fall.

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