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Joseph’s Classic Market (Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens)


* Joseph’s Classic Market.

Take a look at this e-mail that Jeff Eats received the other day.
Jeff Eats,

My family (me, my husband and 2 teenagers) just moved into our new home in the Broken Sound Country Club in Boca 2 weeks ago. My husband and I were born and bred 5-Towners.

I like shopping at Publix but find Whole Foods and Fresh Market overpriced and borderline disgusting. I also like shopping in The Boys Market in Delray but their parking lot and narrow aisles are a scary proposition. I am also not a fan of Doris Italian Market in Boca. Its good for baked goodies but the rest of its stuff is not too good.

I was turned onto by a neighbor who swears by you. She said that you have great restaurant picks and you really have an ear to the ground as to what’s doing here in south Florida.

Can you recommend a really good specialty supermarket to me? Hopefully it will be close to where I live as I’m not that good on driving I-95 or the Turnpike.

By the way, your Nino’s Italian Restaurant and Chris’ Taverna picks were terrific.

Thanks again.

MO (Broken Sound CC)

Welcome to South Florida.

Reprinted below is a Jeff Eats’ “story” date June 22, 2009 on Joseph’s Classic Market. Joseph’s currently has 1-location in Boca Raton and 1-location in Palm Beach Gardens.

Trust Jeff Eats on this one, Joseph’s Classic Market won’t disappoint you. By the way, the Boca Raton joint is about 5-minutes away from your home.
June 22, 2009.
***** Joseph’s Classic Market, 5250 Town Center Circle, Boca Raton, Florida 33486 (561) 347-2314.

Unitl yesterday, I had never heard of Joseph’s Classic Market…anyway, this “upscale” food-market has three locations…Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens and Royal Palm Beach.

Today, I gave the Boca Raton location a “shot”…the joint has 9,200 square feet and opened on June 11, 2009.

I gotta tell you, that this Joseph’s joint is terrific…fruits/vegetables, baked goods, prepared foods, meat-seafood counters, pizza/sub counter, fresh juices, wines, salad bar…it even has outdoor seating for those who want to eat right-then-and-there.

At this point of the discussion, I would suggest that you check Joseph’s website at for locations/menu. The store is neat and clean… the food is beautifully presented…the staff is sharp…and amazingly, the prices are neighborhood supermarket prices…a pound of chicken salad runs $7.99…a whole roast chicken goes for $5.99…a quart of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice $2.50.

Take it from this born and bred Bohack and Waldbaums’ boy…you will be impressed with Joseph’s Classic Market. The food in this joint “looks” absolutely incredible…a sampling of roast chicken, pizza, chicken salad, tuna salad, bbq ribs… all delicious. The breads,pastries and cakes are made-in-house…and the “prepared food” (heavy on the Italian stuff) will have you drooling on the display cases.

The joint is open Monday-Saturday 8am-8pm and Sunday 8am-6pm.

15 Comments to “Joseph’s Classic Market (Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens)”

  1. KSR says...

    Perfect recommendation.
    Delicious prepared food, bakery items.
    I’m in there at last once a week.

  2. shelly says...

    Jeff, if you haven’t been there since your first review, try it again. The quality has really slipped and they remain very overpriced.

    • JeffEats says...


      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      Sorry gotta disagree with you…I was in the Boca Raton store this past Tuesday and was super impressed by the store setup, food selection and pricing.

      Anyway, differences of opinion make for good horse races.

      Thanks for reading…

    • LODI says...

      I have to agree with Jeff on this one.
      Joseph’s has a great selection of reasonably priced prepared foods, delicious baked goods and great seafood/meat department. Its fruits/vegetables are weak, but Publix easily has that covered.

    • Emerald Green says...

      Gotta LOVE Joseph’s! To buy lobsters there and have them steamed while you wait for free is outstanding! Great associates that are very friendly and helpful too. Hit TotalWine in the same plaza and you have a grandslam!

  3. mark says...

    i was at Mario’s recently mind you for ingredients mind you so i cant speak for the prepared foods. I found what i needed and the pricing was fair.

  4. Ken W. says...

    They closed the Royal Palm location 🙁 The Lobster specials were great and steamed and cracked them.

  5. Anthony Franza says...

    Jeff really came through for you.
    Joseph’s is a fabulous specialty market.
    It is clean, has great food and despite what shelly thinks super reasonable prices.
    For example they make a roast chicken for $6.99 that runs circles around all others in the area.
    Try Joseph’s you won’t be disappointed.

  6. Young Court says...

    Picked up 2 roast chickens last night at Boca store. Delicious chicken. Very well run store. Lovely employees.

  7. Nikki says...

    Terrific food at reasonable prices. Great staff.

  8. JoyceEatsBagels says...

    Love joseph’s.
    Great selection.
    Tremendously helpful staff.

  9. SidRidesABike says...

    You have to try their pepper & sausage and their chicken parm strombolis both are fabulous. They go for 6 bucks a piece.

  10. DELIMAN says...

    Top shelf meats, seafood and prepared food.
    Really love this store.
    Prices are very fair.

  11. gary says...

    $6.99 whole roasted chicken is delicious.

  12. Mary Cantor says...

    First time shopping at Joseph’s. Boca store looks great and has a great selection of food. Took home roast chicken, garden salad and teriyaki wings everything was delciousl.

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