Bucket List Alert- Bette Midler (May 8th, May 9th, May 11th-2015)

Posted on November 7th, 2014 · Hollywood Music/Events/Other Tampa


* Bucket List Alert- Bette Midler.

Jeff Eats doesn’t care how old or how young you are…you owe it to yourself to see Bette Midler -live in concert -at least once in your lifetime!

For the record, I consider Bette Midler to be one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

Midler, who- was born in 1945 (she’s 69) and who- hasn’t toured in over 10 years…just announced a 2015- American tour that kicks off-with 3 Florida dates – 5/8 and 5/9 at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood and 5/11 at Amalie Arena in Tampa.

Tickets for what will definitely be SRO shows- go on sale November 17, 2015 at

Finally, just on the outside chance that you don’t know who Bette Midler is…you can check Bette out at

5 Comments to “Bucket List Alert- Bette Midler (May 8th, May 9th, May 11th-2015)”

  1. KSR says...

    She just released a new cd of classic girl group songs.
    She is all over tv promoting the cd.
    She can really sing.
    Definitely going to try and get tkts to see her.

  2. KSR says...

    I agree with you that Bette is a great entertainer.
    Who of the current entertainers have the makings of greatness?

    • JeffEats says...


      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      To answer your question…BRUNO MARS.

      Thanks for reading..,

  3. mark says...

    I remember watching her HBO special in 1976 and falling in love with her.

  4. Wineman says...

    I saw her live years ago.
    She can do it all.
    Go see Bette.

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