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If someone told me the story that I am going to tell you, I probably wouldn’t have believed him/her.

Jeff Eats in one form or another has been doing business with AT&T for over 65 years.

As I type, I have 2 landlines and 6 /wireless mobile lines with AT&T.

Every month, I receive-by mail a combined bill for landline/wireless services.

Give or take a month here and there, I find “overcharges” on the bill.

Whenever I have found “overcharges”-after a handful of calls, AT&T issues the appropriate credit.

On this month’s bill I found an $80 “overcharge”… On October 31, 2014 an AT&T phone agent on a recorded line advised me that I would be given an $80 credit on next month’s bill.

Yesterday afternoon, Jeff Eats- just wanted to check-to make sure that the credit had posted to my account and called AT&T. An AT&T phone agent on a recorded line told me that AT&T had decided not to give me the credit. Jeff Eats called AT&T’s OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT, where a supervisor/manager named Lenny told me, that AT&T had decided not to give me the $80 credit because Jeff Eats had already gotten too many credits.

So…the original agent told me I would get a credit and then the Company (who-ever that is) decided not to give me a credit.

Some way to treat a customer.

If a customer can’t rely on what a company’s representative says/promises/authorizes, then there is something very wrong – with the Company.

AT&T is just another crap company.


  1. STAN G says...

    I dropped AT&T along time ago.
    They have 2 companies landline and wireless.
    The bill is combined but one company cant talk about the other.
    Utter confusion.
    Like you mentioned, I use to see all kinds of charges that were bullsheet.
    They use to hit me with fake roaming charges.
    It took literally hours on the phone to get credit.
    I got rid of them/
    I use Verizon now and have no problems.

  2. ZED says...

    They cheated me for years on my Long Distance cost. They charged me $34 a month. I found out that I could have had the service for $7 a month.
    Their agents look to crook you.

  3. JNKO says...

    It is a close call as to who is worse Comcast or ATT.
    Seemingly forever ATT has overbilled my mobile numbers.
    Endless hours spent to get credit.

  4. Jjanny 2 says...

    Their agents are phenomenal liars. I was given a $10 credit over the phone but it didn’t show up on my next bill. I called ATT and was told there was no record of anyone ever giving me a credit in the first place.
    Their agents just tell you things but don’t put in for what they agreed to give you.

  5. Alexander Frost says...

    ATT’s horrible customer service got me to switch to Verizon 3 Years ago.

  6. Sid L. Turner says...

    All the wireless companies stink.
    They all overbill.
    They all figure that the numerous charges get lost in the shuffle.
    Once Jeff was told he was being issued a credit the company had no business rescinding.
    If Jeff can’t rely on an agent’s commitment then the whole system is no good.

  7. Slip Mahoney says...

    Once Att said that you were getting a credit that’s a done deal.
    Something very wrong with what they later did.

  8. Anthony Franza says...

    AT&T has been over billing the public forever.
    Ever bill I got has errors.

  9. Ken W. says...

    People still have Landlines?

    • TURNER says...

      And the next time a hurricane hits s Florida you’ll wish you had one of those landlines.

  10. robertw says...

    Not so fast. I guarantee if you follow what I tell you , you will get that 80.00 bucks back ASAP. Go to This is the public service commission. File a quick online complaint. I guarantee you within 24 hours you get a call from an ATT supervisor who wil tell you that this all a terrible misunderstanding and you got the wrong information from the rep that told you no credit. Try this and post back when it works for you You have to fight those jerks. I know. They are the WORST. I dont use them for wireless. I actually do well with Sprint for wireless. They are so desperate to not lose any more customers and I have a bunch of lines with them. I get a great deal. Unlimited data, however they have less LTE than the others. Still unlimited isnt bad and I get good signal from them.

    • JeffEats says...


      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      Jeff Eats went to the site you listed.

      The PSC no longer takes complaints on telecommunications. The site won’t allow you to file a complaint.

      I did file a complaint online with the FCC.

      Thanks for reading…

  11. robertw says...

    Sid-I have not had any overbilling on my wireless with sprint. Its easy for me to check because the amount is the same each month which is proper. However overbillng scams are so common.

  12. CBT says...

    One of the most horrendous companies to do business with. The joint billing is an absolute nightmare.

  13. Lenny G says...

    What ATT did was ridiculous.
    Once its agent agrees to a credit that should be the end of the story.

  14. SidRidesABike says...

    I hate doing business with them. Their customer service is a very devious dishonest concern.

  15. JoyceEatsBagels says...

    At&T is a horrendous company to do business with.
    I have both my landline and wireless with AT&T and every month both bills have billing errors. The errors are never in my favor. It takes hours to get these mistakes cleared up. Each rep I speak to has a different story. Promises are made for credits and they never show up. Very bad company.

    • Young Court says...

      I have a similar problem. There are always billing errors with them.

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