If That’s The Way You Like It!

Posted on November 6th, 2014 · Deals Hollywood Music/Events/Other

* If That’s The Way You Like It!

Jeff Eats never really cared for the act- even in its heyday…not that it mattered, KC sold millions and millions of records (you do remember what those things were!).

Long story short, you now know how-you can catch tickets before the general public gets the privilege to buy in.

One last thought, if you really are serious about wanting to see KC…take 3 minutes and check Jeff Eats’ story dated 6/4/13- Hard Rock Live-Tickets For Less Than Face- it may save you some bucks! Just an observation-a gut call, but I’m thinking that the Hard Rock is gonna be giving a boatload of free tickets to its “players” for this one.


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