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* Turnstiles.

If you like Billy Joel, you’ll really enjoy Turnstiles.

Jeff Eats has seen this band 3- times and Turnstiles- does a real nice job “covering” Billy Joel’s stuff…

The way Meatball Room is working this one…no charge if you eat inside or sit at its inside/outside bars. $20-$30 if you sit at an outside table-where the band-performs. The show runs from 8pm-11pm.


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  1. KSR says...

    I recently saw them in Wellington and they were terrific.

  2. Shenny says...

    For 20 bucks they should include 2 drinks.
    I seriously doubt that too many people will pay 20 bucks to sit and watch a cover band.

  3. RedW says...

    Have seen a good handful of bands at MR and the outdoor patio is a great place to stage a show.
    Haven’t seen Turnstiles yet but looking forward to seeing them this coming Friday.
    By the way MR is excellent.
    Nice night out.

  4. RedW says...

    Saw the group last night. They were terrific.
    A group of us did appetizers and pizzas and everything was delicious.
    Great time out.

  5. John Y says...

    Turnstiles was really good.
    Food was good.
    Had a fun evening.

  6. NNW says...

    I saw Turnstiles.
    I thought they were just okay.
    They played so loud that at times they were annoying.
    Meatball Room has had much better bands. I especially enjoyed the Journey band they had a few weeks ago.
    My husband had veal parm and I had chicken scarp and both dishes were delicious.
    This band and food idea works well.

  7. Winick says...

    Our CC had them about a year ago.
    They put on a nice show.

  8. Mitch says...

    I booked all of the above mentioned acts and book a lot of the entertainment at The Meatball Room….Please contact me if you are interested in having any of them perform at your community…My band Classic Rock Therapy will be playing there on New Years Eve. If you love to dance to the best songs of the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s check us out…Thanks

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