Plaza Theatre In Manalapan Out Of Business!

Posted on November 3rd, 2014 · Music/Events/Other

* Plaza Theatre In Manalapan Out Of business!

Literally just this second- got the below e-mail…

Look, not Jeff Eats’ style to wish anyone bad, that said…read the e-mail, look how Plaza Theatre willy-nilly- uses the words “theatre” and “theater”- sloppppppy! Nothing for nothing, just may-be Plaza Theater (get it!) was sloppy in soliciting donations and promoting ticket sales- and that’s why it’s no more!

Just an observation.

We are very sorry to inform the public that due to lack of donations and ticket sales, the Plaza Theatre has had to close it doors. Since our closure, we have been working diligently to arrange for our patrons’ tickets to be honored by other quality local theaters. We are pleased to announce that we have formed a coalition of theaters willing to accept Plaza Theatre tickets for the 2014/15 season, including subscribers, groups, and individual ticket holders. Theatres accepting Plaza Theatre tickets include:
Broward Stage Door Theatre Coral Springs 954-344-7765

Outre’ Theatre Company Boca Raton 954-300-2149

Slow Burn Theatre Boca Raton 954-323-7884

Please contact the theaters directly through their respective box offices to make arrangements to have your Plaza Theatre tickets honored for their productions. Please note that these theatres are not receiving payment for tickets, with the exception of balances due on group sales. Proof of purchase of Plaza Theatre tickets must be given in exchange for new tickets. There will be no refunds.

Each theatre has its own parameters, and must be dealt with individually. They will make arrangements for all shows on their schedules for the 2014/15 season. Old Jews Telling Jokes at The Broward Stage Door is not available. Please do not call or email The Plaza Theatre, as it is closed.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patronage and patience.

The Plaza Theatre

9 Comments to “Plaza Theatre In Manalapan Out Of Business!”

  1. KSR says...

    Point well taken.
    Can’t even count the number of restaurants who think that chocolate ice cream is a desert.

  2. ZED says...

    Absolutely amazing how poorly written that email was.

    You are right, the email may just mirror how the business was run.

  3. Junior says...

    It’s a column like this that make special. No other food/entertainment blog would even pickup on this point. Interesting observation.

  4. Hank A says...

    Have to agree.
    Makes no sense.
    No attention to detail.

  5. Whitestone says...

    What did this joint in was the lousy location. Not enough people live full time in the immediate area.
    Jeff you are right that a top organization doesn’t send out emails etc where the writing and spelling aren’t perfect. Not doing that gives the impression of being unprofessional.

  6. TURNER says...

    I check restaurants online. It is simply amazing how many spelling errors I have seen on menus.
    You correctly note that careless in one area may also mean careless in others.

  7. Vic H says...

    Poor management is to blame.
    Wrote and called a few months ago to get info for our community ‘s newsletter. No one from mgt every contacted me. so we recommended and plugged other theaters in the area. Very foolish people.

  8. Moochie says...

    When you see how they willy nilly use theater and theatre in writing a simple e-mail it tells me that the folks who ran this business weren’t exactly detail oriented. That’s probably one of main reasons they busted out.

  9. Sid L. Turner says...

    Very observant.
    Very unique take on things

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