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Posted on November 3rd, 2014 · American Buffet Desserts Fast Food Miami


***** DONUT DIVAS & FUN FOODS, 3380 Northwest 7th Street, Miami, Florida 33125, retail store- (305) 456-5975, catering service (786) 488-2709,

A recent e-mail from reader HF…


My husband and I have been reading Jeff Eats for a number of years. We both really enjoy your site and have tried many of the joints that you have recommended.

We are currently planning our oldest son’s bar mitzvah. It is scheduled for October, 2015. Based on your site, I know that you can appreciate what a huge project this bar mitzvah party is turning into.

Unlike most, we are going to do the entire service/party and our home in Miami. We are planning an outdoor event for close to 200 people.

We really enjoy putting things together by ourselves, so there are no party planners or other so called experts involved in the project.

We would really appreciate a suggestion on a Company that does terrific unique desserts. candies and carnival type novelty foods.




South Florida has a ton of catering companies that do top shelf desserts, candies, etc…

One company-that pops into mind is Donut Divas & Fun Foods located in Miami.

Over the past several years, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats have “attended” a number of events in which it had a hand and Donut Divas always killed it.

Congrats-on the bar mitzvah…

Jeff Eats

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