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* The Bronx Wanderers.

Reprinted below is a December 11, 2008 story that-Jeff Eats did on 50s-80s Rock N Roll cover band- The Bronx Wanderers.

In a nutshell, in the ensuing years -The Bronx Wanderers became a gigantic “act”…

No fooling here, this 2008 Bronx “bar band”- now plays to SRO crowds at- casino showrooms, theaters, festivals, country clubs and resorts all over the United States…the band has even had a reality tv show crew chronicle its daily movements!

Over the years, I’ve seen The Bironx Wanderers a handful of times-and the band definitely has a knack of keeping things “fresh”…trust Jeff Eats when I tell you that- there are just so many times that one person (even an Oldies fan like Jeff Eats) can handle hearing Sherry and Big Girls Don’t Cry…what makes the group a beautiful thing is that- 5 of its 6 members are in their 20’s bringing a hip cool-style/look/sound/vibe/energy to the classic-hits. By the way, the group’s middle-aged lead singer- keeps the Oldies’ purists happy -with fabulous “dead on” Valli, Dion, Maestro, Jay Black, Diamond covers. If this all sounds confusing, you-may appreciate my “take” on the band-after you see-it live!

If you are a fan of 50s-80s Rock N Roll, you gotta catch The Bronx Wanderers…this band is about as good as it gets!

Check the band’s website, there a number of 2014-2015 Florida dates in the making.
December 11,2008
***** The Bronx Wanderers *****
I recently saw an absolutely phenomenal… Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons/Dion & The Belmonts’ tribute band called The Bronx Wanderers. In addition to featuring the hit-songs of these two legendary groups, The Bronx Wanderers have an enormous playlist of rock ‘n roll/disco hits from the 1950’s-1970’s. If “seeing is believing,” check-out the group’s website at where you will find terrific audio/video of these guys in action.

Watching this 5-member band, was like having Frankie and Dion right in front of the crowd. Amazing covers. Just so you know, these guys are also no slouches when they play the hits of such bands/acts (a partial list, in no particular order) as Jbay & The Americans, Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge, The Bee Gees, KC & The Sunshine Band, The Monkees, Neal Diamond, The Duprees, The Capris, The Beatles, The Classics, The Village People, Santo & Johnny, The Commodores and The Trammps.

The only “problem” with The Bronx Wanderers is that they are a New York based group. They very rarely get-down to South Florida… as most of their appearances are in New York and New Jersey.

Now for the good news…If you check The Bronx Wanderers’ “schedule”…you will find that the band has a number of South Florida dates in (now get this) January, 2010. I know it’s along way-off…but if you can swing it, you definitely want to see this group in action.

If you like the music of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons–Dion & The Belmonts…you will absolutely love The Bronx Wanderers.

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  1. MSA says...

    I have seen The Bronx Wanderers three times.

    I have seen the band with the 3 leads and supporting cast undergo changes and the band is always fresh and brings something different to each and every appearance.

    Looking forward to seeing them again this year at Century Village.

  2. LYNN IN BOCA says...

    Saw them this past weekend in NY at a private party. Great band.

  3. Kevin M says...

    The Bronx Wanderers are now the House Show at Bally’s in Las Vegas.

  4. Arlene Rosen says...

    Just got 2 tickets to see them at Kings Point in Delray Beach.

  5. Ira Loomis says...

    The Bronx Wanderers are now based in Las Vegas and headline their own show at the Westgate Hotel.

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