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Posted on October 27th, 2014 · American Fast Food

* Halloween-2014!

Remember when you were a kid?

H A L L O W E E N !

Jeff Eats, Brother Jeff Eats and our friends sure did have fun back in the 50’s “hitting” every apartment in our 6-story Brooklyn apartment building. Just between you and me, the Eats Brothers- loved getting all the candy, but our favorite trick-was the pennies, nickels, dimes and occasional quarters that some of our neighbors would throw into our bags…for some reason, we really enjoyed the day after Halloween going to Sam’s Candy Store on Cortelyou Road, between East 9th Street & Coney Island Avenue and picking out-our own stuff with the Halloween loot. All things being equal, I’m thinking with inflation and all–that in “today’s money” we probably cleared about 12 bucks a piece. Keep a secret? Loved- those Chunky Bars and still do!

Anyway, back to the present…”THIS”-sure would have made it a lot easier on the girls in my BUILDING…

Enjoy the local South Florida festivities-from what I’m hearing and reading, seems like every mall, sports bar- has something cooking this year.


5 Comments to “Halloween-2014!”

  1. Jon G says...

    Nothing like a chunky bar. Always got 2 one for me and the other to share.

  2. Melody A says...

    Those sure were fun days.
    Nobody worried about letting the kids play outside or run through the halls alone.
    We use to get so much candy that it was ridiculous.
    Like Jeff and his brother I loved getting change in the bag to buy candy with. There was one elderly lady in our building who use to give out half dollars to the trick or treat crowd. She was a very popular lady. her name was Sadie Posner.

  3. CHARLES says...

    JEFF –
    Loved the costumes –
    The mermaid is soo sexy –

  4. Shelly H says...

    Look out Jeff, the thought Police are gonna come get you for being politically incorrect.

  5. KSR says...

    I liked #5 the best but it was a close call with #3.

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