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Posted on October 26th, 2014 · American Fast Food Music/Events/Other



Real fast…

Who’s playing in this year’s World Series? Who’s leading in the series?

Boy o-boy, things sure have changed!

When most of you guys- were kids, the answers to those two questions would have been gimmes…and I’ll bet -that you could’ve told Jeff Eats-right off the top of your head, the starting lineups of both teams.

Now you know why THEY invented the internet- so you could look stuff up!

I don’t know about you, but Jeff Eats kinda liked it better when it was basically just ABC, CBS, NBC and it was Skowron, Richardson, Kubek, Boyer, Berra, Lopez, Mantle, Maris with Ford on the mound…but that’s just me.

Lucky for us, some things haven’t changed …french fries are still covered in ketchup, all beef hot dogs are still grilled, pizza still comes by the slice, White Castle still makes sliders and the Giants are still the Giants- but wait -they aren’t New Yorkers and they play in the Polo Grounds- no more!

By the way the other team is the Kansas City Royals, but you already knew that-thank God for Google!

5 Comments to “BASEBALL!”

  1. KSR says...

    Was thinking the same thing.
    No one that I know follows baseball and could give a good crap about the World Series including me.
    In the 50s-70s everyone knew and followed the game.

    • MPM says...

      KSR, sounds like maybe you just don’t know anyone who’s a baseball fan. Maybe they were as kids, but they’re not now, and that’s ok. It’s not for everyone. Attendance figures say there are way more fans in the 21st century than the 20th. If they don’t memorize as many facts as in the past, so what? Now they have time to read the opinions of Internet bloviators (sorry Jeff ;-)).

      BTW, I loved that Yankee lineup Jeff describes, but today’s ethnically diverse MLB population is better overall than those 50s-60s rosters, just as most any modern cable lineup (MLB network anyone?) is superior to ABC, CBS, NBC of our youth. Variety in baseball and TV, just as in restaurant selection… not such a bad thing.

      • Liston says...


        Pitchers of today suck

        • MPM says...

          Those guys were great. I’d substitute Palmer for Ryan, and McLain for MacLaine (though she was great in Sweet Charity), but sure. Yesterday’s stars would be stars today. My point was there is more quality up and down today. Relief pitchers of the past were just guys that weren’t very good, for example.

          And the original point was, MLB is printing money! Just because it’s different than in the 60’s doesn’t mean it isn’t popular today. Maybe not with all the same people, but come on.

          And, “suck?” Civility is really the thing that’s missing today. Your mother would have washed your mouth out in the 60s. I’m out.

          • LODI says...

            Baseball now plays second fiddle to Football and Basketball.

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